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Kings and Jude in '371: Heurasm

Kings and Jude in H.O.S.T (now ‘371’/HOST) Calendar/Response
FWIW: God wrote books. ‘Respondeo’ to Kings in House Of Singing Times Calendar
God wrote books. What new types of speech, types of persons, types of organizations, and planetary service can and should w derive from these books, through the lenses of maturation, redemptive history, and holy war against the devil and his angels?
This is a tough one for me—what do you say?
How do we proceed?
H.O.S.T. (from now on HOST) writes the 49 books of Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament) onto Easter/Pesach to Easter in a CORAM (Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi), Latin for ‘face, presence’. 4 weeks are left for the 3 parts of liturgy that ate : Cleansing (confession and forgiveness), Consecration (readings and sermon, could be Cut Up) and Communion.
These 3 are in the midst of Called at the beginning and Commissioned at the end.
Kings is one book. For this, see, among others, Bullinger’s ‘Companion Bible’.
It’s the 15th book, backwards, with a retuned retuning, and could be called the Exodus of Leviticus, if the sets of 7 follow, as Jordan says above, the first 7 books, downward, AND the first 7 across also. Exodus, since it the ‘2’ of 8531642. If we take to ‘in order’ route, @ 15, it’s the ‘genesis, 1.
This calendar is designed, I now judge/see, to be a ‘heurasm seeker,’ if that’s a word or new word—a way of seeking to think God’s word-as-books after Him, applying to this time, seeking the new speech, people…etc. Rosenstock held that we live in many calendars, since community celebrations are remains of tribal social order, business and work schedules are from empires, ecclesiastical calendars echo Israel, and academic calendars are from Greece. Other 5s are Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah from Jordan’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ and one of North’s many 5s is THEOS—Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and sanctions, and Succession. Who’s in Charge/, To Whom Do I report?, What are the Rules?, What if I Break Then/Obey Then, Does This Outfit Have a Future?
So, that Israel went from united in the Temple built by David’s successor, Solomon, to divided and into Exile, with a destroyed Temple might be significant, for many think that the reason for the Exile was the failure to give the Land her Sabbath, every 7 years.
So, were new type of someone, speak of updated types of similar sins, institutionally, that person would be performing a planetary service, since after the Exile, Israel and now the Church is throughout the world, and thus what happens to her affects the whole planet.
Would that be a mature thing, maturing us, in redemptive history (timing!), and in the holy war against the devil and his angels? Is there, are there, more?
Doe Jude say something similar?
[I write the Psalms on the year twice, one per day, with summaries/explanations. Some year (CORAM) I’ll integrate them into my ‘respondeo,’ Lord willing. Dr. Jordan’s work will be very helpful—see  and hear Biblical Horizons’ Psalms Conference audios and notebook.]
Jesus Christ is the interpretive standard, Luke 24 (James Nickel) as He Who Reversed The Trend, the tribal chief becoming the servant, the empire priest becoming the sacrifice, the prophet of Israel becoming the prophesied, and the poet becoming the poem—ERH. Aren’t we supposed to do  likewise? I pray that this procedure does so, as we conduct (the train, the electricity, the orchestra)

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Venture Trinitarian Hartman
“I must respond though I will be changed,’ ‘I will respond, though I must be changed’: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy--‘Respondeo etsi mutabor,’ which he claimed was the successor to ‘Credo ut intelligam’ [‘I believe in order to understand’] and ‘Cogito ergo sum’ [‘I think, therefore I am’]
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