Monday, December 12, 2016

Buckminser Fuller Godparents For Eldsters Society CA$H Grow Food

Buckminser Fuller Godparents For Eldsters Society CA$H Grow Food

I probably won’t be posting for a  time.
I’ve posted more recently because my energy is coming back, and I wanted to get stuff out.  It’s a little like what I read in Fuller’s ‘Critical Path’. He couldn’t get published in scientific journals—he only graduated from Harvard—so he patented a lot of things, so that his work would be in civilization’s archives.
Now we have the cloud, and all, and I’ve written there, but researchers of the future will surely look on these as archives.
‘Critical Path’ has some good reports to make, including BF’s engineering critical path of steps made from 1927 or so to get man on the moon, and his historical description of LANDCAP (peaceful traders who built cities for control), Sea Routes Control (The Trojan War was about sea routes for trade, vs. land routes—and Trafalgar was about whether the British or the French would do it),World War I being the first world war—sea routes again, and the FINCAP (FINANCE) and LAWCAP (much manipulation of government for corporations, especially in moving out of US).
THERE’S MORE, INCLUDING THAT Buckminster Fuller was invited to cocktail parties by rich people in order to entertain guests with his outlandish theories. Some were more outlandish than others.  Man first emerged on Pacific Islands, 4 billion billionaires on earth, a gallon of gas is worth a million dollars—this assumes sun energy made plant that became oil over millennia.
Enough of Bucky. His house is for sale in Carbondale, though, and Diamanidis’ ‘Abundance’ seems to be a descendant, etc.
Now Godparents. Rich has said re: ERH that if we don’t take care of the problems left by past social orders (and they remain in calendars—CHH—community is tribal, work is empire, ecclesiastical is Israel, and academic is Greek) we’’ pay a big price.  I think these can be refocused by ERH’s revolution pattern, which I’ve written about in ‘How To Make Your Communities Better’.
This would make us, the church, the godparents, for the previous parents have abdicated or failed or been perverted.
A trial run for this could be Godparents for Eldsters.  I don’t use the elderly, because if a church that runs this website and enterprise does well, it will do a lot of prevention of befuddlement (I don’t use ‘Alzheimer’s,’ nor do my godparents, because it is a Pavolovian trigger for medicos to dope elderly ones up in warehouses).
Enough stuff is on the web for people to do it, but I’d need to give better reasons why than I have so far.  That’s tough, as is the fact that people buy cures, not prevention, One can get much info by going to sites and getting email updates, and by searching. Dr. Newport Alzheimer’s Coconut Oil YouTube is one such. Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and CBD Oil is another.

I’ll communicate.

So far we have Buckminster Fuller and archiving. (He also said that various of his projects have different lengths for gestation. Housing was 50 years! Earthship stuff would be a descendant.
And we have Godparents.
A final easy ministry is food growing.  It’s happening all over the uSA (sic). ‘Outliers’ tells the story of community building via that.  Search NY Time review for a good summary. Grow Food Not Lawns.

Love in King Jesus,
Charlie ‘Venture Trinitarian’ Hartman
PS: I seek one side hustle.
PPS: I have some money to  invest. Send business plans. Revenues projected, expenses projected, break even point, etc.

PPPS: Ill concentrate on 153Culture. Watch this space.

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