Monday, December 12, 2016

Trapped Welfare Recipients As Volunteers

A discussion has been going on about welfare recipients trapped in cities and the system.
Were they to get work, which is difficult, it would 'pay'less than welfare, and mothers would have to leave children in the care of others, etc.
A suggestion was made that these folks could become volunteer workers, for churches. An army of helpers.

I participated in this discussion, saying:


Very wise, you are, and....

This is not directly relevant, perhaps.

Someone asked Henry Ford during the U. S. Depression what he would do if he were unemployed.

He said that he would start down the street, knock on the dorr, and ask the housewife, then they had housewives, if there were a chore he could do, or something he could fix, that would take maybe a half hour.

He'd do it, and then go to the next house, and do the same.

Pretty soon, Ford said, the housewives would be talking among themselves, and they would be contacting him.

Soon he would have a list, and would have to start scheduling, and some would be willing to pay him to get their chores done sooner.

He would have a repair business.

An out-or-work person with a skill such as accounting, or telephone skills, etc. would be ideal.

And, this is something new I've thought of, there are online free courses, not the K-12 Khan Academy that I've heard Bill Gates sends his kids too, or the no tuition online University of the People, that now has a tuition-free MBA, but others too.  The church, with $200 Chromebooks, could help here.  Women could babysit for others who took jobs, etc.

You have a great idea!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Venture Trinitarian' Hartman
PS: U of People does charge for tests. $4000 total for a 4-year degree.  And there'll be competitors.
PPS: A co-worker once told me that the Post Office was a jobs program, but while I've been there, I've listened to all of ERH's audios (no on line, free) and all of JBJ's until a few years ago, and out of it has come the stuff on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and the Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman, where all my links are. Etc.
PPS: The great marketer Jay Abraham did something similar with businesses while a young man in Indianapolis. He now gives away millions of dollars worth of free material at Also “50 Shades of Jay”

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