Monday, December 12, 2016

God Wrote Books.

God wrote books. Jeremiah/2 John, and 'thinking is thanking' Christendom.

Dear Gentles:

Let's see what good can be done by emphasizing that 'God wrote books'.

This is what I'll be working on.  My other suggestions are, in effect, requests for business plans, requests for requests for investment.

God wrote books.

It's fine and nike (conquering) to do Church Years, systematic theology, pattern such as chiasms and Hebrew Cadence--but these may not be complete.

I've tried, in '371' to put together a platform for a year (CORAM--Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi). We use JBJ's 49 book Bible, one per week, backwards and forward, with 4 weeks for liturgy echoes (2 @ Communion echo 'Total Christ') to make 53 weeks.  The '22 to 27' is taken care of by extra or fewer just befor the last 7.

But I want to get to Jeremiah/2 John.  2 John is the 33rd forward, Jeremiah is the 17th remaining backwards.

Now, we make a grid.  JBJ's 3 and ERH's 4.  We see what we find.

The key thig about 2 John is that in it 'anitchrist' is defined.

JBJ's 3: Maturation, Holy War against the devild and his angels, Redemptive History.

ERH's 4: New types of speech, new types of persons, new institutions, planetary service.
This makes a grid—hat tip, E. T. Hall ‘Silent Language’. He has a 10x10.
The institution for 2 Jon would be one that teaches who is an ‘antichrist’—here and/or elsewhere it’s ‘who denies that Christ has come in the flesh’. Dispensationalism is debunked.
For Jeremiah, we have much more, and much more will be found when we write the 51 prophecies in Jeremiah onto the ‘371’!  And a couple week of how Jeremiah and Lamentations are one, and the broken acrostic, and you have something. A pastor who preached/wrote on this would have a good book for Christendom.
JBJ’s 3 and ERH’s 4. (ERH’s are best explained in Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’ Chapter 5.
We search for trace of the trinity. ‘Traces of the Trinity,’ Dr. Leithart.
1—An institution should echo Jeremiah’s purchase of a plot of land, for ‘we shall return’.  This puts now and the future together in this transaction.
2—Maturity—we must persevere and take our punishment of Exile. Be revived by faith.
3—Redemptive History—see 1—and the prophecies (listed in Bullinger)
4—Holy War--?
5—New Speech—search for words first used, for Hebrew Cadences (Cascione, ‘repetition in the Bible’
6—New Persons—is there a hint of Daniel, was he in Jeremiah’s Sunday school?
7—New Institutions—is there a hint of protectors of Israel?
8—Planetary service—here we might see those raised up against Christendom during Exile, Jasper’s Axial Age, and a way to use the 4 fronts in ERH’s ‘The Christian Future’ to make a week that tames them, as SundayMonday tamed Europe. I’ve written of this elsewhere, but based on RJR’s mention in ‘Politics of Guilt and Pity’ that history is God’s Theater, I’d add that to the second OUT, Greek theater.
More next week, or as I’m naming it ‘K.O.L.Sard’
(I have all this and more in physical notes—I pray to get the energy to get that into the cloud).

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Venture Trinitarian’ Hartman

PS: I'll be working on this.  My other stuff, I want to send money, or invest in a business plan.

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