Sunday, January 1, 2017

For Sunday Adelaja's Mentorship Program

Dear Mentorrshop Program:

I've been trying towork on 'the next era in history,' following the work of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy. the best information about his is in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The best summmary of the Revolutions of the West in in Gardner's 'Beyond Belief,' Chapter 5.

Briefly, he held that there had been these revolutions (see his 'Out of Revolution: TheAutobiography of Western Man'): Papal, German, English, American/French, Russian.  Each gave new types of speech, new types of person, new institutins, and new Planetary Service.

What is the next?

To fit what I've proposed so far into his 5-step revolutionary sequence, I've proposed:

Imperative: the Symphony of Comprehensive History Interaceive (from his phrase 'the symphony of history' in 'Fruit of Lips) This takes the 5-step proces to the Earth Beneath (people, made of dust) as church worship order is toward the Heavens Above, and scientific method is toward Waters Under. It allows us to serve (leitourgea) one another. It trains conductors of this symphony. This is in book form, awaiting my modifications for publication.

Subjective: This uses Gardner's explanation of 'The Cross of Reality,' again in his 'Beyond Belief' to refocus institutions (towns) back to their basics, through a retracing of history around a square. As ERH siad, 'If we don't handle all the problems of previous social orders, they'll com back worse than ever'.

Narrative:  I propose a calendar, based on a 49-book Bible from James Jordan. 22 in Hebrew, when 'The Twelve' is see as one book, Jeremiah is one with Lamentations (literary structures, such are in Dorsey), Kings is one book, Samuel is one book, and Greater Chronicles includes Ezra and Nehemiah. GOD WROTE BOOKS. I write a worship service across this 'year,' which I rename Celebration OfResurrection Anno Mundi (CORAM, Latin for 'presence) with 4 weeks for equivalent parts of a liturgical service. Previously House Of Singing Times (HOST), now '371'--53 weeks xx 7.

Objective:  This takes the week in '371' and asks, what maturity do we get? What do we see in redemptive history? How can we better fight the hly war against the devil and his angels? (The devil is God's devil': Luther) We also ask about the new typees of persons, new types of speech, new institutions, and new planetary service that are engendered by this study.  As ERH said, 'Respondeo etxi mutabor' is our time's equivalent of 'Credo ut intelligam'--'I believe in order to understand', and 'Cogito ergo sum'; 'Respondeo....' means 'I must respond though I will be changed,'.

Finally,, Planetary Service:  Here I take 'Godparents for Eldsters' (search 'Hartman Godparents YouTube for a 4 minute ceremony), also selsewhere and add to Subjective's work to make Godparents for Society. These godparents are artificial sons and daughters, as the chursh made artificial old people, when needed, as monks with shaved bald spots. 

Would this be something I could do in the mentorship program?

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'heurasm' Hartman
PS: A heurasm was a word I coined (new type of speech) during Kings week recently. A system/protocol/algorithm for discovering the new. 'Heur' is like unto 'eureka'.
PPS:  Most of this is on Google sites, Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman, or/and chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.

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