Sunday, January 29, 2017

Job; Finding the needed new now, and two Mobys

Dear Gentle Ones:

Heurasm Report: Job is the Leviticus of Exodus? And two 'Mobys'

This year, I'm concentrating on what art work is to each book of the Bible (one per week) as JBJ mentined once that 'Moby Dick' is to Leviticus.

For Samuel, I'm going with, so far--unless someone comes up with a better, Flynn's 'In the Country of the Blind' for Samuel. ITCOTB puts Asimov's psychohistory into an alternate America that is very much like ours. Various grroups, we learn in the courseof the novel, are trying to mathematically manipulate society. They end up killing eachother, mostly, and the a group that survives is shown in a musical session, one and many, at the end. Thus David at the end of 2 Samuel conducted a census. And we remember David the psalmist, and some of his last words were Psalm-like.

For Song (of Solomon) I think the Great Conversation. I'm following Bullinger's reconstruction of who is speaking when, and it appears to me that many reverent ones must have worked to get to this understanding--if it's close to an option--from the Hebrew which did not even have spaces between words, chapters, or   verses.

And now for 'Job is the Leviticus of Exodus'. JBJ's wonderful work 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' uses a 7x7 grid for the 49 books of the Bible, literarily conceived. The first 7 are along the top, and they could be seen to go along the side also.  Think the periodic table, and E. T. Hall's grid of society in 'The Silent Language'.

The second set of 7, that one could call, thus, the 'Exodus' 7, has Job in the 3rd position.

Much good thinking can be found here.  How is Job Levitical (sacrificial?).  How do the other 3s relate, etc.

For instance, the short Philemon is the 7th iteration of Joshua.  How is this a conquest, a conquest of slavery, by rhetoric. (Hat Tip for some of this to Ericrobinson).

I'll have a Moby for Job by the end of the week (sheba=7, ,oath), Lord willing. I call the year (Resurrection to Resurrection) CORAM, a pun/acrostic, for 'coram' is 'face, presence' in Latin, and Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi is the phrase that makes an acrostic.

I pray that The Great Cnversation will continue with other responses to this 8 (layer of responses) in the form of Rosenstock's 4 -- new types of speech, new types of persons, new institutions, new planetary service--and James Jordan's 3 --maturity, redemptive history, the holy war against the devil and his angels. Theus we'll heurasmically find the needed new now.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'anthropological responder' Hartman

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