Sunday, January 22, 2017

Samuel Week/Sheba A.D.2017 (SmyrnaCORAM861)

Samuel Sheba
Dear Gentles, and those of K.O.L.CORAM877:
What's happened with Samuel week (Sheba). For Rosetta Stone purposes, it’s Samuel Week/Sheba A.D.2017 (SmyrnaCORAM861) .
Remember, I'm just learning this, and hoping to the Sheldrakean rats who learn the maze on the island.
1--I need to know more about how Samuel was written, for Samuel dies in the middle.
2--From the bookends, it appears that failure is followed by hope--and it's about kingship and 'too-soon-ness'.
(Hannah fails of childbirth, but is given children. David fails at the ends, but buys the threshing floor).
3--What new types of speech? I'm still working on 'heurasm'--finding the needed new now. Types of persons? If there's no Moby Dick for Samuel as Leviticus, someone will be needed to find such work of art, and the list of types of writing on the Wikipedia page for 'sonnet' will be helpful. (TSOCHI should be in there--it's only an elaboration of the Hebrew word form for 'we do it to each other,' with an admixture of gestalt/Chinese characters? And JBJ's 7x7 is, in a good way, like unto a symbol for Jubilee?)
4--What new institutions? A study of political works on the rise of authority would be good. 'All the King's Men,' 'The Godfather,' etc.
5--What planetary service? Folding all my 'herovolution' work (search chuckhartmanhistoryconductor) into the Calendar of Peace (ERH's last work, ,'Planetary Service'--the 2 chapters on pirates, would be worthwhile. A pirate is outside the present governing structures. Secondly, a sonnet with acrostic starts of verses (good cage good?) and Hebrew Cadence (the number of words repeated, Cascione 'Repetition in the Bible) with wordplays on tired, tiered, re-tired, dirt t, retied, etc. could help)
6--Maturation, you have to elevate your game to do the above, in redemptive history (the stage now is that we live in calendars that are remnants of past social orders--that must be acknowledged and dealt with, or they come back to bite us harder--as academic/Greek, work/business/Empires, ecclesiastical/Israel, community celebrations/tribes. Thus, the Holy War against the devil and his angels (I add Luther's : the devil is God's devil). These 3 from one of Dr. Leithart's works, and JBJ's).
7--You see that Sunday-Monday only has 7 entries, yet K.O.L adds an 8th, self-consciously including earth, us, our planet/wanderer. So by retuning the retuning of JBJ's Revelation commentary on 5:12-7:12, picturing the Ascension, we mature. K as in God 'kol-ed' from Sinai (though ours is Beatitudinal), O as in Octave, 8th Day, and L retains Laodicea, for all days are named in this retuned retuning, not for planets/gods thereof, but for history until the Resurrection, the 7 churches in Revelation which are about the 7 ages.
8--Thus we continue with Song. Maybe The Song of The Twelve will be given voice, and other meta-songs?
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'finding the needed new now' Hartman
PS: Someone @ 100 years from now will search the better cloud (vapor, breath spirit) for earlier K.O.L.CORAM mentions. I have named the years in the same sequence as the retuned retuned days of the week/sheba, and 877 is 14-15 heptads, spans of 7 years, from K.O.L.CORAM 862, which, I pray I’m correct, but I stand to be corrected, is 98-105 years (Celebrations Of Resurrection Anno Mundi) later.

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