Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thousand Year Plans

1--Russia was converted, the story goes, @ 900 after the Czar sent people to look at Judaism, Eastern Christendom, and Western Christendom. The beauty of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) church convinced them. It's been 1300 years of history ('God's Theater': Rushdoony in 'Politics of Guilt and Pity). What of the next 12000, and what beauty should (re) start it?

2--Jordan in one of his audios remarked that during Israel's Exile, up rose the Greeks, Buddha, and Confucius/Lao Tse in China, for us to bring in when the time is right.  Is now the time?  Can we use Rosenstock's work in 'The Christian Future' to bring them in, maybe via calendar, as Gerrk-Roman-Norse 'gods' were put into Sunday-Monday...?  I think so. Sandwich with Already and Not Yet, and put what Rosenstock says was Jesus Forward, Lao Tse In, Abraham Back and Buddha Out with Greeks (theater, the  'out' front of them) with God's Theater which is History into a days of the week, and off we go.

3--Some Missouri Synod missionaries to China have supposedly discovered that Chinese ideograms/characters tell the Gospel.  For instance one is 'man woman tree serpent/. I'd have to look it up.  Add this to the work byFenollosa/Pound on the Chinese written character as a medium for poetry, and trace the change such that many sholoars don't think there was ever any such meaning as the MSL thought, and you have something, historically. Then add the strange work by a man about the Dogon tribe of Africa that suppposedly knows more about Sirius (important was its return to Egyptian thought: ERH) and you have some work of value.

4--Cascione's work on the number of times certain wors appear in certain passages of the Bible ('Hebrew Cadence) with Cassuto's and then Dorsey's and others literary structures, and you have some valuable textual work. The Artificial Intelligence artificial nlanguage to help translate would fit here, such that, with Buckminster Fuller's 'Critical Path' assertion that , at that time, there were 4 billion billionaires on earth--each of us--and McCloskey's work on why there's been a 2% rises in world Gross Product since @ 1750 (trading and innovation were honored rhetorically and financially) and the 4x Moore's Law (cost of computing halved every 18 months since 1890) and Rosenstock's theory that with technological change one gest 3 things--greater spatial reach, less time that it takes to accomplish something, and old institutions destroyed, and add his sequential steps of revolution, and you have great opportunity.

I'll work on these. I'm 'on scholarship' to work and think (as monks worked and prayed, for 'thinking is thanking'.

5--And biological information, I've read, is increasing 4x faster now than Moore's Law speed.  Thus Isaiah 65:20?


Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'heurasm' Hartman
PS: Berman, in ‘Law and Revolution’ writes the medieval churches, literally, had budgets for 1000 years.
If liturgy is a 5-step sequence oriented toward The Heavens Above, and  if a scientific method is this 5-step sequence oriented (‘east’ed, better northed’ as maps?) toward The Waters Under The Earth,’ could The Symphony of Comprehensive History Interactive be a  multi-Thousands of Years Plan?
Could the 5 in ‘my’ 5-step herovolution fit in?

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