Monday, January 30, 2017

The Shape of the Body of Society

Dear Gentle Ones:

The Shapes of the Body of Society--7x7 Books and 'The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own'

As I've traveled thorough JBJ's 7x7 Bible from 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' I've noticed that there's more emphasis currently on Job, than on Song or Samuel.

This reminds me of the pictures of animals in 'The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own'. A pig, for instnace, with it parts proportionate to the size of the sensory apparatus, has a much bigger snout--it has more input fromthe snout.

There are sculptures with very big hands for a man, also.

So, our society at this time would have much more space in the 7x7 given to the book of Job, than to Song or Samuel.

This could be valuable in discipling nations!

A second thought is that ERH's 4 fronts are such that too much emphasis on inward is mysticism, on backward is decadence, on outward is war and on forward is revolution.

Now, thirdly, JBJ opined once that a new translation of Leviticus is sorely needed.

Fourthly, any 'body' could be helped by these analyses. Example: a congregation, a town, a city.

As corams (celebrations of resurrection anno mundi) come along, more of this will be done, Lord willing.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'typing to find my better b/p awake at night' Hartman
PS: Compare with the 10x10 in Hall's 'The Silent Language,' and the periodic table.

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