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Mobys. Let's do it this week!

Dear Gentles:
Mobys. Let’s do it this week!
What say you?
Take the list of 49 from JBJ’s work below, ‘Rethinking…’. Respond with a Moby or several for each.
I've been struck with exhaustion. 'Let's turn this liability into an asset,' I thought--'It'll be a mark of the Christian Era'  (ERH).

That being said, I've been thrown by this exhaustion into doing something basic, and at the right time. Mobys.

You can help my feeble efforts. I'll explain.

A 'Moby' is a book, or work of art, or event, that bears a similar relationship to one of the 49 books of the Bible  in JBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' that Moby Dick has to Leviticus, as JBJ mentioned on an audio.

I've made this finding Mobys into a year-long (Pesach to Pesach, Pascha, Resurrection, Easter)) quest.  I'll write up this calendar soon, but for right now, we know enough to begin.


I propose these as examples only. Improvements will be made:

For Samuel, Michael Flynn's 'In the Country of the Blind'. This is set in an alternative America--or is it--in which Asimov's psychohistory

Is used in secret by what we find out are many groups, each of which initially thinks it is the only one manipulating society by mathematical knowledge of large group trends. They are seen to be violent.  In the end, the surviving group does music.
OK, Song. (Song of Solomon). At least two possibilities: The Great Conversation that deciphered it, even as to who speaks when. Wikipedia is a prime synchronous example. And, secondly, my own ‘symphony’ work, based on ERH’s ‘symphony of history’—‘Fruit of Lips’ and elsewhere. This is fortified by Dorsey’s comment that ‘Song’ exhibits an equality of speaking. Thanks, Mae Hartman. (Two different times, mother left children –3 each time—with Mom, knowing she’d take care of them. A kind of equality)
Job. The key thing here is to see that there is much more about Job than, e. g., ‘Song’. This shows something about ‘our’ culture, and the possible use of the ‘Jubilee’ 7x7 of JBJ (see Jesus’ first recorded words about this prophecy being fulfilled in their ears, as he read from Is. 61, referring to Lev. 25, and the period of years of Jubilee’s coming). Evangelistically, and Discipling-wise, what is the ‘shape’ of the culture/nation being disciple? The individual? How reach through echoes.
Thus, the extra-sized snout of a pig, when drawn according to the number of sense organs in an area of the body, in ‘The Body Has a Mind of Its Own,’ and consider all the body part descriptions in the Bible.
But T. Hatfield recommended to me on social media that ‘Tree of Life’ and Dr. Leithart’s book on it was a Moby for Job.
Note: In HOST (House Of Singing Times) a calendar that is narrative in ERH’s 5-step revolutionary sequence [Evaluation in JBJ’s] this is Ruth Week(s), which are shortened or lengthened so that we can do the last 49 days before Resurrection as a BuildUp, while the CountDown heads toward Exodus, because of retuning the retuning.  Eliot Anselm Time (AT—and we do eat time, surely). Eliot’s ‘We shall not cease from exploring (wandering), and at the end, we shall arrive back at where we started, and know the place (I like ‘topos’ for this) for the first time,’ and Anselm’s ‘God is greater than we can conceive’.
So, this year (CORAM) we work on Mobys. In other corams we might use EKS’ resource for learning Hebrew, since it has the whole book of Ruth in it.
Or we might study the law of assimiliation, for Ruth was not an Israelite, yet Boaz was some kind of kinsman-redeemer?
More possible Mobys. For Hebrews—Don’t fail to enter into this greater salvation!—something similar to the great ‘Abundance’ (book by that name too) that we have, and the greatest evangelical movement since the 3rd century, one says—it’s in the 3rd world.  And how did this come about? McCloskey, Cochrane, etc. Shroedinger’s Cat as the failure of naïve correspondence theories of truth, and Goedel’s Incompleteness work does something similar to non-contradiction, so comprehensiveness unto beauty and deep comedy/joking comes forth?
For Jeremiah, the Great Diaspora of Mao in China in 1949, as the earlier led to synagogues for Paul’s missionary work, Mao’s might lead to the largest Christian nation on earth. Dr. Bledsoe has referenced a book in which it is stated that leading Chinese are (already) Christian, and that when they studied how the West became prosperous, the answer was: Christianity.
Exodus—there are many. Transhumanism (‘We will have bodies like His’), Mars and farther out colonization, use of the seas, earthships self-sufficiently making uninhabitable areas, habitable…
The Twelve?  Do a Tune of The Twelve.  Put the chronological sequence on an octave, and then play it in the theological sequence in the Bible.  Length of notes could be length of books, or space of years between. Develop as the 4 notes of Beethoven’s Fifth are developed.
But what say you?
Take the list of 49 from JBJ’s work above, ‘Rethinking…’. Respond with a Moby or several for each.


Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘heurasm’ Hartman

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  1. Dear Darynda Spencer:Thanks for your comment on my 'Ruth' post. What would you and/or Dan Spencer say is the best 'Moby' for the book of Ruth? Here's where I explain a 'Moby'. It is almost never a 'commentary,' but rather a taking of the principle(s) of the book and applying these principles in another area. God wrote books. Love in King Jesus, Chuck Charles Howard Hartman