Saturday, February 25, 2017

How do I handle exhaustion, and 'the new needed now'.

Headline: How do I handle exhaustion, and ‘the new needed now’.
This may appear disjointed, but it tries to put time and times ‘in joint’. (Hat Tip, ‘Van and Bonnie,’ who tried to be ‘in whack,’ not ‘out of whack’.)
The Time Jointer Tool is the new needed now, discovered during Ruth EAT Moby Sheba.
How do I handle my exhaustion? I sleep a lot. 
And, as the patient/CEO (‘The Patient as CEO’ book) my staff works on it.  Further, I’ve (Providentially?) been moved to seek only one newness a week, with the Heurasm Calendar, the needed new now—a prayer.  This week (3 weeks of Eliot Anselm Time) it seems to have come down to a timing art work. 
(The atheist Howard—NOT Harold—Bloom of ‘Genius of the Beast: A Revisioning of Capitalism’ has written about tuned empathy and saturated intuition). Fleshing that out, the timing tool would be something like double-entry bookkeeping, or the periodic table, etc.  A generality made flesh.
 The example is this: When is it time to take on the other Axial Age institutions?  The book of Ruth tells us when it was time for Moab to join Israel. The Greeks, well, we have a hintro (introductory hint) in RJR’s statement in ‘Politics of Guilt and Pity’ that history is God’ theater.  This is a counterpoint perspective to theater as the ‘out’ of the Greeks, as ERH said. But that’s not a ‘periodic table’ tool. Nor is the I Ching (Confucius era?) as a 2-4-8-16-32-64 binarity, and as for Buddha, all I have so far is a day of the week, a la the retuning of the planets—Sun, Moon, etc. echoing Rev. 5:12-7:12’s picturing of the Ascension. Confucius’ ‘Rectification of Names’ and Codevilla’s ‘Political Correctness’ analysis may indicate something, Time Jointer-wise.
So, some new type of speech awaits (‘scientist’ coined 1813, or 1831), and some new type of persons, some new institution, some new planetary service, as Gardner’s ‘someary’ (summary of some) of ERH’s portrayal (intended theater reference) of the revolution of the West helps us, in his (Gardner’s) Chapter 5 of ‘Beyond Belief’. Add to that next CORAM (year, Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi) more of JBJ’s 3—firstly,maturity (what must we do to mature to ‘eat’ –pun intended—the Axial Age (yes, we eat time) into Christendom, and secondly, redemptive history, and thirdly, the holy war against the devil and his angels (‘the devil is God’s devil’: Luther)?
Eliot: ‘We shall not cease from exploring (wandering), and the end of our exploring will be to arrive back at where we started, and to know the place (‘topos’ is pregnant here) for the first time.  Anselm: God is greater than we can possibly imagine—thus intercalation. Thus, the final 49 days before Pascha/Pesach/Resurrection/Easter, we go, each day in order, through the 49 books of JBJ’s literarily-conceived Bible (‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament—1995!), in the BuildUp (we started with a 70 of CountDown), while at the same time we re-retune the first 7 books, 1234567/4152637/7531642, so that Exodus in the last week before His ‘exodos’/demise.
One answer to political correctness is toward true speech, an oath-engenderment each 7, a sheba. I vow to continue to seek a better flowering of such true speech, where one’s life is put behind one’s words, as ERH said once, as he was saying the America was losing the ability to speak.
This prayer is a form of poiema.
Charles Howard Hartman
EAT Smyrna Coram 861
Saturday (NotYetDia) Anno Domini 2107.

(More explorings are in the laptop).

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