Saturday, March 4, 2017

Apologia for new task-specific additional calendar: 1 of 3

Dear Gentle Ones: 

1 of 3: Apologia for task-specific (new) calendar

a. We learn from the great marketer Jay Abraham that there are marketing calendars.
Aha! 'et mo(k)har' and 'market' are a metathesis, in which the order of consonants is changed? 'Origin of Speeches'? That is, ,one pays the bride price as one markets. It's an echo of the Trinity, or a Trace.

b. There are other made calendars. Geologic Ages, nanoseconds, technological time vs. natural time ('Present Shock'.

c.  These show maturity, as does the administration of holidays and quickenings/celebrations.

c'.  Thus, we administer the birthday parties of our respective children, ditto Christmas.

b.'  I've made a calendar from JBJ's 49-book Bible ('Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament') as a Jubilee symbol that Jesus announced in Luke 4. God wrote books, and these 49,, plus 3 parts of a 'liturgy' I use for a 'coram'/celebration of resurrection anno mundi/Latin: face, presence.  As we move through it from one Pascha/Resurrection/Pesach/Easter to the next, I seek the essence of each book, to apply unto action and true speech (vows, words  that one puts one's life behind).

a' the 'et mo(k)har'-ing will improve next time, unto ERH's new speech, new persons, new organizations, planetary service, and JBJ's maturity, holy war against the devil and his angels (Luther: 'The devil is God's devil') and redemptive history.

More in 2 and 3.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'heurasm' Hartman

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