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2 of 3: 'Song' Moby unto oath-forming 8th

Change to Song Moby Toward True Speech
2 of 3: ‘Song’ Moby unto oath-forming 8th.

The 8th aspect of  a Moby, and the most important, is True Speech training, oath-forming of newness.
(JBJ: Maturity, Holy War against devil and his angels (CHH: ‘The devil is God’s devil—Luther), Redemptive History. ERH: (New Types of) Speech, Persons, Institutions, and Planetary Service)
What we will have at the end, which will be a beginning, is many, many, oath-formed newnesses.
The Symphony OF CHI (Comprehensive History Interactive) now newly aims at developing oath-forming newnesses from the talent/trauma of the first of the 5 steps in the sequence. Each initiates to the others and is responded to, in each of the 5 steps. (The third step, after Bull, can be expanded to the three of prophet, priest, and king, respectively).
The singers/players sit around a table in tabernacle form.
Here are the FIVES.
Jordan: Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah. (‘Crisis, ,Opportunity, and the Christian Future’)
Jordan: Call, Cleanse, Consecrate (CHH: Cut Up), Commune Commission (Liturgy)
Rosenstock: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service. (Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief, Chapter 5 summaries Revolutions of The West and show the new Speech, Persons, Institutions, and Planetary Service of each—Papal, German, English, American/French, Russian. Hartman’s working on what’s to come.)
North: THEOS—Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and sanctions, Succession. (He has many others.
So, we start in the same way, gathering 10—the Conductor plays 3 ‘days’—1, 8, 12. We aim at interacting unto teaching players to be conductors, yes, but now, DeuteronomySheba,of SmyrnaCoram861—March 11, A. D. 2017 as I write this, we add to goal of not only training conductors and educing a solo (the Conductor writes the whole), but of educing, bringing out, a formed-by-oath something.  When we have many, many such formed-by-oath, we are heading more toward a society permeated, begun, etc. by Christendom, by CHI.
Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘form by oath’ Hartman
PS: This is best learned by playing.  I’ll send a PDF to those who request. The first 150 pages are the key. I’m concentrating on Mobys (as ‘Moby Dick’ is to Leviticus (Jordan) so are other Mobys to other books of the Jubilee (49-book, literarily conceived) Bible, per Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament).
PPS: TSOCHI is the Moby of ‘Song’ (Song of Solomon), now glorified by being unto oath-forming newness, informed by Dorsey’s comments on Song as equality of male/female, and the life of Mae Hartman.

PPS: The technique is easy, the will to true speech/oath-forming is often lacking. This is a Sheldrakean initial effort, after which it becomes easier for others, I pray. is the Moby of Song

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