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Toward True Speech, A Calendar Heurasm

Toward True Speech, A Calendar Heurasm
‘We will lose the ability to speak in America’: Rosenstock Dartmouth class lecture.
By ‘true speech’ he meant words behind which one puts one’s life.
Therefore: Toward True Speech, words behind which you put your life: oaths
In this schedule for A. D. 2017-2018, Easter/Resurrection to Resurrection, I ‘write’ the 49-book Bible, literarily conceived, of James Jordan’s essay ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ at Biblical Horizons, onto the Resurrection/Easter to Resurrection/Easter year as a liturgy, with mountains in time for equivalents of Confession and Absolution, Readings and Sermon, and Bread and Wine.
Each book is studied for a week, with the goal of finding something that can be formed by oath.
When we have 49 such derivative oath formed institutions, or types of speech, or types of persons, or types of planetary service we will be more on our way to a fully-realized Christendom.  Berman’s ‘Law and Revolution’ shows the Truce of God in medieval times as formed by mutual oath, and cities in @ 12th C. as derived from such mutual oath-making.
(I take the books backward, and retuned from 1234567 through 4152637 to (8)7531642, which latter, using the churches in Revelation, I also use to name the years, or Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi—CORAM, Latin for ‘face, presence’. There’s more to this, for this is derived from the 3rd part of my 5-part sequence, ‘narrative’ as Rosenstock calls it, House Of Singing Times, a calendar of peace that has many other features. I also use various ‘fives’ in my ‘A Next Era Prayer’/The Symphony Of CHI—Comprehensive History Interactive.)
Let’s get to it. This is K.O.LCORAM862, the first year of the 862nd set of 7 years since Creation in this task-specific calendar. See my other essays for the justification of this, but surely we live in many calendars, ways of organizing time for good uses—academic, ecclesiastical, work and business, community… . And GOD WROTE BOOKS.
After Eliot Anselm Time (EAT) made us stay on Ruth for 3 weeks (shebas: 7, ,oath) to get the final 7 weeks to match us so that at the end of them, we come to Resurrection/Easter, we finish SmyrnaCORAM861.
43—Judges—Perhaps ChristianCourts 3.0?
44—Deuteronomy—Perhaps, per Dorsey, something new, as Deuteronomy took care of Jacob’s family troubles?
45—Leviticus—The work of Theopolis Institute comes to mind. Liturgical.
46—Genesis—How speech makes new times. North’s view that McCloskey’s ‘Bourgeois Dignity’ and its recounting that great economic benefits accrued after trading and innovation began to be honored by rhetoric and money @1750 in North Europe, and my view that his recounting that his definition of calling is now only possible in that new prosperity sphere is worth noting. ‘The most important thing you can do at which you would be most difficult to replace’ 2 hours a day.
47—Joshua—Axial Age Calendar for incorporation of those raised up during Israel’s Exile, as Sunday-Monday reflects Rev. 5:12-7:12 retuning? AlreadyDia, JesusAllTimesDia, LaoTseDia,
AbrahamDia, BuddhaDia, GreekThinking+HistoryAsGod’sTheaterDia, NotYetDia. (I’v also written about this elsewhere)
48—Numbers—The whole ERH ISNOSP, Jordan LLEFNT, as outlined in the latest ‘Symphony’ comment on Google Sites.
49—Exodus—Something about transitions

1-- 2017 April 16—Hebrews (possible oath-forming Moby: Don’t reject ‘Abundance’ by
Diamandis.  This is the first of K.O.L.CORAM 862
2—April 23--Titus
3—April 30--1 Timothy (2:1-4 deserves a look).  I search first for an imperative for the whole book.
4—May 7—1 Thessalonians (What do you think could be an oath-formed something from the imperative key to 1 Thessalonians?)
5—May 14—Philemon (That the founder of the AME denomination witnessed to his owner while the future founder was still a slave bears investigating—and the owner converted!)
6—May 21—2 Timothy
7—May 28—2 Thessalonians

(I’ll use such references as the ‘New Bible Commentary,’ Bullinger’s Companion Bible, Dorsey’s ‘Literary Structure of the Old Testament,’ and many others.)

8—June 4—Colossians
9—June 11—Ephesians (Something about ‘seated with’ and/or ‘workmanship’?
10—June 18—2 Corinthians

June 25—Public Vindication

11--July 2—Romans
12--July 9—Philippians
13--July 16—Galatians (See Leithart on communion?)
14--July 23—1 Corinthians

15--July 30—Jude
16—August 6—2 John
17—August 13—2 Peter
18—August 20—James
19—August 27—3 John (Perhaps something from ‘ephemeralization’/more with less, and use of zero and smaller things of physics and chemistry vs. mechanics in Fuller’s ‘Critical Path’ (I must get Sheldrake’s ‘Science Set Free in somewhere, and there are other events/art works seeking a book)
20—September 3--1 John
21—September 10--1 Peter

September 17—TBOTMOFA—The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (This is Sinai, as Public Vindication was the Red Sea Crossing.  There are a series of 3s)

(Please note: You may want to look at Jordan’s essay, because an expansion of this limited work would be to match the forward 1-49 to this backward 49-2, for finding the needed new now/heurism purposes.  And we go through the Psalms twice, one a day, with reviews and summaries in House Of Singing times/HOST)

22—Sept 24—Revelation
23—October 1—John
24—Oct 8—Mark (ERH’s view that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are, respectively, addressed to Tribes, Empires, Israel, and Greece could be looked into)
25—Oct 15—Greater Chronicles
26—Oct 22—Acts
27—Oct 29—Luke
28—November 5—Matthew

29—November 12—The Twelve (minor prophets as one book) The Song of The Twelve (put them chronologically on 12 keys in octave—black and white—and play them in the theological order in which they appear in the Bible.  Lenth of note = time between, or length of book?)
30—November 19--Daniel
31—November 26--Jeremiah-Lamentations (Mao’s scattering of Christians, 1949)
32—December 3—Isaiah

December 10—Total Christ/Totus Christus #1 (compare bread)
December 17—Totus Christus/Total Christ #2 (compare wine)

33—December 24—Esther (Purim today?)
34—December 31—Ezekiel (Some comparisons to other calendars might be done, and not only ecclesiastical, but billions of years, nanoseconds, work and business, community, academic and others)
35—January 7, A. D. 2018—Kings

36—January 14—Ecclesiastes (‘New Testament Imperativity’ and/or ‘Solomon Among The Post Moderns’ and more)
37—January 21—Proverbs (a series of teaching events?)
38—January 28—Psalms (‘Bible in miniature’)
39-42—February 4—EliotAnsemlm time (EAT): Samuel (Flynn’s ‘In the Country of the Blind’), Song (‘TSOCHI’), Job (‘Tree of Life’ movie, and Leithart’s commentary books ‘Shining Glory’ with ‘The Body Has A Mind of its Own, as showing disproportionate attention to Job as a hog’s snout is bigger in pictures for having more sense organs), Ruth (discipling). Thus Eliot’s ‘We hall not cease from exploring, and the end of our exploring will be to arrive back at where we started, and to know the place for the first time’ gets us to BuildUp, the last 7 books, with days 1-49 of the last 7 weeks, per Jordan’s unreturned 1-49 AND Anselm’s ‘God is greater than we can conceive’. Science fiction now has ‘The universe is not only greater than we imagine, it’s greater than we can possibly imagine’. So last coram, Ruth/EAT was 3 weeks, and this coram, 4 books are squeezed into one week. Intercalary.

43—February 11--BuildUp (He will rise, He is risen!)—Judges (for all these, see the previous CORAM)
44—Feb 18—Deuteronomy
45—Feb 25—Leviticus
46—March 4, A. D. 2018—Genesis
47—March 11—Joshua
48—March 18—Numbers
49—March 25—Exodux

April 1, A. D. 2018 starts SardicCORAM862.  Work both forward and backward from dates of Easter (search) and calrndars (I use those at—or I’ll be publishing and writing, as wisdom accumulates, Lord willing.

Submitted March 13, A. D. 2017/SardisYmm!!!, LeviticusSheba, SmyrnaCORAM861

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘50’ Hartman

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  1. (Added: For EAT—an ‘In Jointing’ Time Device, so we won’t act when ‘Time is out of joint’?)