Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Organizing A Next Era Prayer

A co-worker said ‘You should write a book’. I’m working on it.
Here are two prayers. Here’s a meta-thought—GodTrinity gives us blanks to fill in.
One blank is that of ‘the heavens above, the earth beneath, and the waters under the earth.
Order of worship, liturgy/service, is facing (oriented, northed—God’s throne is in the north) toward the heavens above.
We can see the same 5-step sequence applied to scientific method, facing the waters under, reality minus speech (Rosenstock’s words, these latter). Newton is Called into a different state of mind by the apple falling, He is Cleansed by the realization that he can proceed, though he doesn’t know how it works. He’s Consecrated (Cut up) by reading what others have thought, and he starts to put together a ‘sermon’ that applies. This is tested by Communion’s two witnesses—confirming experiments and writing. And after the hypothesis becomes a theory that way, we all are Commissioned to take it out.
So, I claim that TSOCHI, The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive (the ‘CHI’ part is not accidental) is a 5-step application facing the earth beneath, people made of dust/dirt.

And remember, like a baby, it’s messy.

That’s One.

The Second is a search for oath-forming units (more than just institutions) through the Moby program.
Something to echo is The Truce of God in medieval times. As Rosenstock tells it, after Rome fell, the only thing keeping the warring tribes apart was a physical barrier—let’s use forests.  The, after hermits moved in, and monks cleared the forests, here came the peasants, monks being those with knowledge of when to plant, etc. But with the forests out of the way, what to do about the tribes?
‘No fighting during Lent!’ ‘No fighting from Friday night ‘til Monday morning!’ Etc.
This was (I use my big picture, macroscope here) by mutual oath-taking?
Later, @ the 12th Century, cities were formed similarly, by mutual oath-taking, per Berman in ‘Law and Revolution’.
Many nuances would come into play here.
From a remark by James Jordan that ‘Moby Dick’ is related to Leviticus, in its meticulous detail, I wondered if we might find similar relationships to other books of the Bible, as we wander around the 49-book literarily-conceived  Bible he presents as 7 sevens.
Please note that in Symbol, the Language, this would relate to the Jubilee Jesus announced in Luke 4.
For the Second, let’s consider Deuteronomy. (I go through the books one per week, in a calendar that has 7 rows of 7—forward and backward. I’ll put the whole schedule up soon. In this effort, we’ve done Samuel, Song of Songs (Solomon), Job, and Ruth/Elion Anselm time. This ‘EAT’ resets the books so that the last 7 weeks backward and retuned coincide with the 7th set of 49, What I call the BuildUp. More on that later.
BIG NEWS. This week, however, the Moby search has turned into the ‘oath-forming’ search.
So, we seek some Moby (we may have to do the art work ourselves, if it’s not yet done).
Here’s a hint.  Dorsey, in his ‘Literary Structure of the Old Testament,’ has a structure, chiastic, of Genesis through Joshua, in which the laws’ of Deuteronomy are related to solving the problems of Jacob’s family strife. (Note that Deuteronomy is also a sermon on the Decalogue/Ten Commandments/Ten Words from Sinai/Horeb—so is Daniel, per a Jordan audio. And the 10 Words can be seen as 7, for 5 and 8 (Hebrew/Protestant numbering) relate to 3 falls, as Adam sinned in the Garden dishonoring  the Father, and stole the fruit, 5 and 8. Cain killed his brother and bore false witness—6 and 9in this numbering—Land. Seth committed adultery with the pagan woman, coveting them, 7 and 10.) Beatitudes and Woes may be amenable to similar treatment.
But our task is to make a society for a next era, by the prayer of going through the Jubilee 7x7, and finding of making, under GodTrinity, oath-formed units (institutions, types of speech, types of persons, planetary service. For the latter, consider the organizing document of the ‘company of gentlemen and adventurers exploring into Hudson’s Bay’. This, in maturity (self-consciousness), through redemptive history, and in the holy war against the devil and his angels. (‘The devil is God’s devil’: Luther).
On though on Deuteronomy is this: Jacob’s family strife is to Deuteronomy as solving it, as the whole of the Bible is to our potential oath-formed Moby. Now, the work of “Law and Revolution,’ by Berman is a big part of this, but surely the justice situation as outlined by Creveld in ‘Rise and Decline of the State’ shows that there’s work to be done.
For this week (sheba: 7, oath) that’s as far as I’ve gone. I have Mobys for the other books so far.
CONCLUSION: These are prayers, thinking GodTrinity’s thoughts after him. I attempt to fill in blanks, as in the third element of reality as created, and for each of the components of Jubilee, the 49 books.
O Lord, have mercy.
Charlie Hartman March 8, A.D. 2017/DeuteronomySheba, SmyrnaCoram861

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