Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feed Locally Stuart Community--Facebook Page and website

we're doing a lot of sprouting--lentils are good to sprout--at Feed Locally Stuart Community (my old home town) and, oddly, I'm attempting to add 'to stuart' to the vocabulary of Christendom, that is, the vocabulary of civilization, as we try to feed locally and minimize hunger by growing (more) garden and sharing. I earnestly invite you, please. Love in King Jesus, Chuck. (I'm following Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy here, who said in Universal History 1954 that the glorification of the tribes would be small, enthusiastic groups (not on the warpath) as Israel was glorified in the church by getting rid of exclusions, and as empires were glorified in the nation-state by getting rid of slavery (there's some question there about how well we did that). It's the next 1000 years, he said, however long that is.
ore to come.) His lectures (and transcripts) are online at ERH Fund--free.

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