Sunday, April 2, 2017

STEM Girls Chromebooks and Libraries

They were good, though ‘they hadn’t played in high school’.
When Kim Patterson started our local slow pitch softball league in Stuart, we found that there were a lot of good players who has ‘slipped through the cracks’ and hadn’t played in high school.
This could be happening with Scienct Technology Engineering and Math. 
This might be remedied with inespensive ChromeBooks (computers)> Here’s one source (under $200):
AND there are free courses on the web.
Khan Academy—k-12, free. 26 million users, and I’ve heard the Bill Gates’ children are among them.
Open Culture has a tremendous number of other free offerings, including MOOC (college courses) and here’s MIT: You can get ‘certificates’.
Here’s more MIT:
MIT is on Facebook also.
University of the People—are they sufficiently accredited. We’d have to coordinate with other colleges if transfer of credits were needed. It’s free, computer science, Bus. Admin., and even MBA, I believe. One does pay for tests, $4000 total for 4 years.
Her’e college for $11 a day, using CLEP and other avenues that include inexpensive online courses.

--I’m sure more will be opening up in this area.


  1. Here’s one: Free Code Camp

  2. Straighter line--low-cost, guaranteed to transfer to 90+ universities, supposedly, first course on them: