Monday, January 16, 2017

Leviticus is to Moby Dick as Samuel is to _____? what?

Dear Gentles:

Leviticus is to Moby Dick as Samuel is to ______? what?

On one of JBJ's audios he remarks, if I remember correctly, that Moby Dick is in (an anti-?) a relation to Leviticus.

Few probably (but more here on this forum) know both literature and the Bible wll enough to make such a statement rightly, and to go to the next step, which is, the next step is, what is in a relation to Samuel as
Moby Dick is to Leviticus.

[This type of thinking will be valuable in discipling the nations. They might have better art works, or events in history, that relate to the books of the Bible!]

This is a small part of the GOD WROTE BOOKS/153Culture/Calendar of (Pirate's) Peace that I'm working on, in which I write the liturgy (5 cs) across the year, Resurrection to Resurrection (Pesach/Pascha/Passover) with JBJ's 49-book literarily-conceived Bible (Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament @ Biblical Horizons dot com).

You may recall that I try to find a new speech, new persons, new institutions, planetary service implication for each book, in the downstream of JBJ's maturation, holy war, redemptive history 3.

This is also downstream from Rosenstock's 'Planetary Service' in which he limns a way into the 3rd millennium. It's the 4th -- Objective -- part of his 5-part revolutionary sequence.

It's crazy, and that's good, for the pirate, says ERH, is the way, one who is outside the governed areas.

This is outside.

This Calendar of Peace (ERH's term, my application) ateempts to Help.Explicitly.Reconcile.Oposites, but as ERH quoted de Chardin, 'Peave is neither the end nor the opposite of war'

Later this sheba (7, oath) I'll do more with ERH's 4 and JBJ's 3, this is only Monday (SardisYom!!!, JesusAllTimesForwardDia), of SardisCORAM861.

For now, start here: Leviticus is to Moby Dick as Samuel is to ______? what?

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'heurasm finds the needed new now' Hartma

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