Monday, May 29, 2017

Why I won't give up on 'giving my best shot'

Dear Gentle Ones:

Why I won't give up on 'giving my best shot'

This is a great history, it's a great essay, and the visual at the end caps it off very well.

I had almost considered deviating from my initiation of the 49 pirate peace corps work, aimed at organizing the next 1000 years--however long that is.

I will also continuer my 5-part sequence, also derived from EugenRosenstock-Huessy.

But I must markte better. 43 years ago I ran for office on something like the Universal Taxation idea--43 years ago.

About that time my wife and I discovered the idea, from Dr. Kelley, that cancer is in one's body all the time, but kept in check most of the time. Kelley was considered to be an idiot, a quack, and worse.Now yesterday I heard that as a routine idea.

I won't give up. Sheldrake says that the first attempt makes it easier for the next attempts.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie '49 pirate peace corps' Hartman

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