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Stuart Iowa 2020 Tourist Attraction Online Sales For Local Businesses Plus

Stuart Iowa 2020 Tourist Attraction Online Sales For Local Businesses Plus

SUMMARY: As we learn, we produce an online manual. In it, free ads for local merchants are placed. These ads are for things they can sell online. Our ‘feed local’ expertise carves a niche in the growing market, such that by 2020 (our 150th) people are starting to come to Stuart to see how we’re doing it. The local paper runs this website and manual updating and ad campaigns. Everyone benefits—the hungry are fed, the merchants prosper, we exhibit The Roseto Effect. In ‘Outliers,’ Gladwell tells the story of Roseto, PA, where gardening was encouraged, and community festivals, and there were ‘no heart attacks’. and the same on Facebook. We generally encourage more people to garden more, to share with the food stressed. One in eight are food stressed, 40% of WCV students qualify for free or reduced price meals, etc. [Note: Food can be grown year-round, without heating greenhouses, says ‘Four Season Harvest, and greens are grown even in the Arctic winters of Kotzebue, Alaska.] We were inspired by Todmorden, UK, which wanted to be self-sufficient in vegetables.
What should be done next?
1—We are FLSC are vowed to continue through 2020. Much of what we’ve done can be seen on our Facebook Page, but a community garden it high on the list of accomplishments. Next year might come Good E.G.G.s (Experienced.Gardening.Guides to help new gardeners.
2—Captain Stuart founded a town community to serve the food producers in the local area by the Big Move of his day, the railroad.  Can we grow our community to serve food producers inn towns around the world via the Big Mover of today, the internet?
3—If Des Moines builds a string of greenhouses to grow food locally, what does that—and other big plans--do  to us? IT HELPS US! A smaller company pioneered synthetic motor oil, and when asked what the entry of Mobil, a giant company, meant to them, they replied that it helped them, because Mobil could popularize synthetic motor oil, with their big ad budget, and the smaller company could then concentrate on how the small company’ motor oil was better.  The small company could never have reached the billions of people that Mobil’s ads reached.
4—Somebody will take over the website, and help produce the manual.  I recommend The Stuart Herald. Someone on staff could run it and update the story as it happens.  Nick Selman? Tod Broman? Margery Watts? The free ads could be placed right in the stories/manual.  (What could a local business sell online? Almost anything they sell offline, I’d say—and things tied to Good Egg Days of ‘feeding locally’.)
Sheila Plowman is our President, Carl Egger is our Vice-President, New Beginning church has been very helpful, and the community garden is started behind New Beginnings.

Here is some basic information published earlier.
Basics Feed Locally Stuart Community
This is short.
Contact us below, please. Thanks.
1--It started with Todmorden UK—they wanted to become self-sufficient in vegetables.
2-- Kotzebue in Arctic Alaska has figured out how to grow fresh vegetables in the dead of winter.
3—Stuart’s people are hungry. Students, 1 in 8, ‘food stamps’—a National Geographic article. We want to add our help.
4—We propose that more garden more and share. Churches competing more in finding and feeding could be helped by more food grown.
5—‘Winter Harvest’ and other resources show us how to grow year ‘round. (Sprouting too). There are mats to lay down for flowers to attract songbirds, butterflies, etc.—couldn’t we make some for veggies?
6—We’ve started. Community garden, canning school (upcoming), acres donated, seeds too. Presentations by the experienced.
7—Chuck thinks Captain Stuart’s founding of a town to help farmers along the Big Mover—railroad—can be adapted to the present as we help other community farmers along the Big Mover—internet—and that a manual of how we are doing it could include ads for local businesses to sell online.
8—Hey, please just contact us at our Facebook Page or website, Feed Locally – Stuart Community. We’d like your help, and so would the 1 in 8 that are ‘food-stressed’. [I’m at, or Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook (see Notes), or chuckhartmanhistoryconductor]
PS: Seed mats—roll out, water, watch it grow—we could make ‘em for veggies (I repeat). Free Little Library -> Free Little Food Pantries (in Omaha, e. g.). Hunger Trees for every church? Library, New Beginnings Church, permaculture, straw bale gardening, etc.
Added from Facebook post replies May 15 A D 2017
Robert Cook Charles Howard Hartman George Luckinbill picked out walnut meats for years and sold them by the pint. Right Paul G Luckinbill? Charles Howard Hartman, as the article you posted the other day reminds us, preventing waste of food and encouraging skills improvement in preserving/cooking foods is just as important as growing more. Huge batches of home made soups, frozen for later meals can help feed young families affordably and in a healthier manner than typical modern diets. I bet your mother and grandmother knew how to make soups and casseroles!
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Charles Howard Hartman
Charles Howard Hartman Yes indeed! Sheila Troy Plowman, Jo Controlfreak Pudans, Carl Egger, Robert Cook is telling us wisdom about wasted food, and I've read that 40% of food is wasted in America. What should be out plan? PS: The Sunday Register wrote yesterday that 1 in 5 school children are obese--a sign of malnutrition.
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Robert Cook
Robert Cook Charles Howard Hartman Malnutrition caused by two elements. Low incomes and lack of food and cooking skills. Soups and casseroles fed generations as they extended meat to feed many affordable and with healthy ingredients.
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Charles Howard Hartman
Charles Howard Hartman Soups and casseroles are the key! And tastiness.

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