Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Universal Tax Credit

1--Universal Tax Credit. This was mentioned in my 'best shot' post.
3--'The UTC allows a taxpayer to divert a part of his or her tax liability to a non-governmental organization that provides certain services within a state or local jurisdiction more effectively or efficiently than does the government.
It is very simply implemented. In a tax year, a taxpayer donates an amount (up to a legally specified limit) to a qualifying non-governmental entity, specifies that amount (with supporting evidence) on the relevant tax return, and that amount is subtracted from the tax owed by that taxpayer to the state or local government.'
4--I ran on something much more radical in 1974.
5--It is heir to all the weaknesses of vouchers in general, mostly those are thatyou are still 'in the system' and that 'the system' will define what entities qualify. It's similar to earmarking United Way funds, but having the UW Board of Directors allocate anyway.
6--'Bitcoin' and hundreds of imitators are coming anyway, and if K. (Kolikoff) is right, the unfunded liabilities are past the point of mno return.
7--the question remains,, on what time scale is one operating?  I was 40+ years early, and much more radical, so I should try someting else, which I am with s'49 peace corps pirates'.
8--Were I to run again, I'd do a Norman Thomas.  He ran 6 times for President as a Socialist, and declined after that.  Why? 'They've taken all my ideas,' he said.
I'd run with one piece of literature. Which tax should be eliminated first? Sales, income, property? Attached would the the compilation of the results.
But I have better things to do. is one of the 49, or will be when the Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi is over.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie' 49' Hartman

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