Saturday, May 13, 2017

Basics Feed Lodally Stuart Community

 Basics Feed Locally Stuart Community
This is short.
Contact us below, please. Thanks.
1--It started with Todmorden UK—they wanted to become self-sufficient in vegetables.
2-- Kotzebue in Arctic Alaska has figured out how to grow fresh vegetables in the dead of winter.
3—Stuart’s people are hungry. Students, 1 in 8, ‘food stamps’—a National Geographic article. We want to add our help.
4—We propose that more garden more and share. Churches competing more in finding and feeding could be helped by more food grown.
5—‘Winter Harvest’ and other resources show us how to grow year ‘round. (Sprouting too). There are mats to lay down for flowers to attract songbirds, butterflies, etc.—couldn’t we make some for veggies?
6—We’ve started. Community garden, canning school (upcoming), acres donated, seeds too. Presentations by the experienced.
7—Chuck thinks Captain Stuart’s founding of a town to help farmers along the Big Mover—railroad—can be adapted to the present as we help other community farmers along the Big Mover—internet—and that a manual of how we are doing it could include ads for local businesses to sell online.
8—Hey, please just contact us at our Facebook Page or website, Feed Locally – Stuart Community. We’d like your help, and so would the 1 in 8 that are ‘food-stressed’. [I’m at, or Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook (see Notes), or chuckhartmanhistoryconductor]

PS: Seed mats—roll out, water, watch it grow—we could make ‘em for veggies (I repeat). Free Little Library -> Free Little Food Pantries (in Omaha, e. g.). Hunger Trees for every church? Library, New Beginnings Church, permaculture, straw bale gardening, etc.

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