Saturday, May 13, 2017

49 imperative stems toward organizing 'the next 1000 years--however long that is'

49 imperative stems toward organizing 'the next 1000 years--however long that is'

May 13: And now...49 imperative stems heading toward peace corps' and jubilation. Lev. 25, Is. 61,  Luke 4, each of 49 books (Jordan's 'Rethinking...' here: applied by abofseg--applied by oath formed small enthusiastic groups, organizing  the next 1000 years, however ling that is as tribes without perpetual warpath, as the nation-state is empires without slavery, and the Church   is Israel without exclusions, per Rosenstock (and much added) best explained in these Dartmouth lectures: ERH in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ said that every Latin verb form is derived from a shorter imperative stem, so, were we to do something similar with ‘imperative stems’ for each book, we’d have a start of the flowering of speech, true speech, that behind which one puts one’s life.
So, Hebrews: New! (somewhat vocative, a vocative being half an imperative, a naming—live up to it (2nd, 3rd Word?), Titus: Godparent all societies!, 1 Timothy: Author-ity! (sic), and 1 Thessalonians: WorkingWait (sic)?

BR S-H T, ‘In the beginning, Gen 1:1, 1st word) can be seen as an imperative stem iffor worship +, were we to take the letter-words, thus: B “house’  be the house, enter the house, R ‘head’ bow your head in confession, listen to readings and sermon application, S-H ‘eat’, communion (the meal seals the spiel and the deal for real), and T ‘cross’ carry your cross out, now that you have been torn apart/cue up to be put back together, transformed for battle.

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  1. Philemon--as Hammer to WWII, and Reacher to the Cold War, what literary hero for the holy war against the devil and his angels? After Lafferty's great 'What Was the Name of that Town?' there are many, especially detectives who help explictly reconcile the opposites of a dead person and how the person came to be dead. Thus, 'Remember!' as there was a machine that made holes in memory so we would not remember, in Lafferty! And for 2 Timothy, tentatively, May 21, 'Purely Preach'. But we need to oaths and the small enthusiastic groups.