Saturday, May 13, 2017

Voluntary Taxation (and more): Systematic Computer Digital

Voluntary Taxation (and
more): Systematic Computer Digital
One of many startling quote streams:
'“If we use technology to build an impenetrable network, how can we do tax enforcement” – Barack Obama, SXWX 2016
With new consensus structures, the limitations which were inherent to the previous system are gone. Just like forced marriage used to be the status quo, and then with universal suffrage and new consensus structures that then evolved into voluntary marriage, still called marriage, the vision of Bitnation is that the blockchain as a consensus system will make forced nationality obsolete, which will then be replaced with P2P nationality.
Forced taxation was a natural emergence when the nation-state was used as the consensus system, and with P2P nationality it will no longer be consented to, and so will be replaced with voluntary tax. [2]'
There are several false-to-fact assumptions in this article, especially that the violence-prone will not find a way, but this should be given thought, for I've seen as ad stating that there are 472 digital currencies out.
These folks are thinking systematically.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie '49' Hartman
PS: As light as wave and particle can be seen as an echo of Jesus as God and Man w'without confusion, division, mixture, or separation,' the above can be seen as derived from The Book Of All Truth, in some way that 'we' should explain.

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