Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday May 4 A. D. 2017

Per President Sheila Troy Plowman and Vice-President Carl Egger, the Feed Locally--Stuart Community meeting for today, Thursday, is postponed. Saturday and Robert Cook's will be a demonstration and discussion of gardening techniques. I will have not made it to Stuart Thursday either, since I have been stricken with exhaustion, but I do have a large number of gardening books to donate to the FLSC groups, for checking out. Also, I ordered flower mats (5' x 20") from Parade's ad in the Sunday Register--might this be a product that could be made to make it easier for backyard gardeners-only with vegetables? We'll see. I'm also hoping that the demonstration will be transcripted via a speech to text operation such as Nuance/Naturally Speaking, and that as we go forward this can become in out Manual, an advertising medium for local businesses' online sales, as we glorify the vision of Captain Stuart in 1870 of a town/community by the Big Mover (railroad) to serve the farmers (locally) into a community (Feed Locally--Stuart Community) by the Big Mover (world wide web) as an example to farmers/food providers in towns, to alleviate hunger, by 2020, Stuart's 150th.

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