Saturday, July 4, 2015

How To Rebuild--Some Possible Starting Points

Some say that civilization is falling apart.  According to Rosenstock, any new technology--and we are in the midst of the greatest technological change in history: CHH--increases the space over which we can operate, decreases the time it takes, and destroys (I almost typed 'destorys,' which would be accurate, removes the unifying narrative) old groups.
Even Barzun and Creveld say that 'the state' is failing because of lack of justice and lack of stable money for the elderly.

Here are some suggestions for a 'respondeo,' 'I must respond, though I will be changed'.

More at link. Now, some would say, start with the 7 Days (6 plus Fall, 7 continues for 4000 years until the Rise). Others would say, do the 10 instances of 'And God said'. One scholar holds that after the first Four Words, the last Six show three falls--Adam sinned against the Father in the Garden by stealing (5 and 8), Cain sinned by killing his brother in the Land, (6 and 9), and the Sethites sinned by adultery in coveting bad wives. Start, and someone will correct you. 'To be ready to rebuild, assign each of 100 to one 'and' area in Genesis 1:1-2:3. Bullinger's claim is 102. Write up and tag me. Or use some other method, Thanks!' I attempt the gist, the essence, the Spirit, the AHA! of each book, taking it as a Call, as into worship, and then, in later times and years, I will build, as Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy does in Gardner's summary of Revolutions of the West in 'Beyond Belief' Chapter 5, to have a subjective, narrative, objective, and planetary service component, which I have done in general. This effort here is part of 153Culture, an objective.…/romans-o… [More links to come, on my Wall] Love in King Jesus, Charles Howard Hartman

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