Friday, July 24, 2015

3 John of Building A Civilization of Peace BookBrick

Working on 3 John this week in Building A Christian Civilization BookBrick By BookBrick. I find the essence, the key, the Spirit, the AHA!, the Call of each book of the Jubilee Matrix Bible, and then now and in the future I will build on the imperative beauty in a 5-step process that Rosenstock used to tell the stories of the Revolutions of the West. There are 3 strands in this tower of 5--maturity, Holy War against the devil and his angels (The devil is God's devil: Luther) and redemptive history.

Added to the BigSix, with the 49x3, we get 153 culture, after the 10x10 grid of E. T. Hall in 'Silent Language.' See Biblical Horizons' 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' for the Bible, see Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' Chapter 5 for a summary of the Revolutions.

So far, two things stand out, and remember that each book is written for a purpose at a time, etc. Mike Bull might say that these were 'formings,' and I might say that my work is 'filling'.

Anyway--1--Why are there much shorter books near the end of the Bible (compare Koran and verses?), and somehow, 2--If network marketing is so big, and if money is a form of communication, and if we are experts in The Word, then, if some monies are going to can we be ready in each community to have something ready when economies forget how to speak, go aphasic? Could we be profitable now with barter, hour money, community building, so as to be ready then? I do not mention 'organized crime,' well-limned in Poul Anderson's 'Day of Burning,' and, some say, as much as 25% of world economic ptoruct.

More to come. 3 John.

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