Friday, July 10, 2015

Galatians Of Building A Civilization Of Peace BookBrick By BookBrick

Thanks, _____:

You're right, maybe, about the choice of show tunes.
In my favor, I'm planting a seed that won't mature until 2021!
I would use medical marijuana if I needed it, but as of the moment when I wrote the post to which you refer, my addiction of choice was Pepsi!  I'm still trying to kick the habit, and maybe one of my alternative doctors and 23&Me can help.

In other news, and to answer your question a second time, a source of my wonderful oddness, if I do say so myself, is that I'm going through the Jubilee Matrix Bible (JBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' made into a 7x7 grid and (here's a new word) ERHetuned--retuned using ERH's 'The future and the past cause the present' added to the circle of fifths retuning that Jim mentions in Revelation 5:12-7-12 (at Ascension), that retuning applied to the retuned itself.

So, each week I try to get the gist, geist,AHA!, Call, essence, Spirit of a book, as a start to a 5-step process of 'revolution,' as ERH limns -- best source of summary, Chapter 5 of Gardner's 'Beyond Belief', second best, search on Google (others don't get it) for 'Revolutions of the West chuckhartmanhistoryconductor' to get my summary ofGardner.

Thus, last week was Philippians, joy, music, festivity, etc.

[These are also shaped by present experience]

Now, light up a cigar or something of your choice, and sing along.  Galatians.  I took it as the Joshua (6th) iteration of Numbers, which would be a conquest.

From that I asked, re: PCA apology controversy, for what do we wish that our descendants centuries from now will NOT have to apologize.  Looking at it from a more mature future, in which our senses of propriety are better, what might we see?  This future, what can it cause in our present, knowing the PCA/civil rights thing?

We could go through the Decalogue to get some ideas, and also the Days of Creation and Fall, the Beatitudes, etc.  We can dredge things from Kurzweil ( and stefnal (scientifictional, science fiction) works.

Here are some from outside the radical middle (Mack Reynolds' term).

I do not characterize their handed-ness, whether right or left.

Corporations, is the daughter taking over from the mother, 'the civil government,' as has been done, maybe, with state from church, university from state, etc?

Is Monsanto waging biowar?

Is Bill Gates depopulating via vaccine, in developed and undeveloped areas?

'A Crime So Monstrous'--can't we see we have slavery today?

MADJAN--What does Moore's Law, that computing costs are halved every 18 months, and have beensince 1890, mean?  And that biological knowledge is increasing 4x as fast? (Will you be against the ability of 'parents' to flood embryos at the right time with the right hormones to produce a selected sex? 'A Crime So Monstrous' is about modern-day slavery, and the Marxist idea of 'wage slavery'--what did we do about it? Should we have been more 'Free Agent Nation'?

Abundance--could we stand prosperity.  Read the book titled 'Abundance'. 'Bold' is good too, by the same author, about the tools we now have, and 'cognitive surplus'.

Decentralization/centralization--where will our descendants with an enhanced sense of propriety say we should have come down?

All the great crossings of jordans in the 3rd world, producing 3rd century Christians--one says it's the greatest revival in history.  Who didn't write book(let)s helping, such as 'What We've Learned and Lost in 18 Centuries'?

Artificial Intelligence.

Nanotechnology.  And N with the biowar capabilities, how did we stand on 4th generation warfare, and 5th ?

That's a start, _____.  We can be the power from the smoke-filled room of this grass, I say.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'TwentySix Four' Hartman (Proverbs--we do too much Five)

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