Tuesday, July 7, 2015

To BH--What Is Really Happening Stuart The Musical

Dear Gentles:

As i go through JBJ's 49-book Bible (also retuned by me to make a Calendar of Peace, I claim), I try to get the giest, the Spirit, the AHA!, the Call of each book, from which I pray, Lord willing, that in the future we can build, so as to have new institutions, new memes, new types of persons, new types of speech (ERH, except for 'memes').

Last week was Philippians, which, per New Bible Commentary, has 16 uses of the work 'joy,' so I went with that and started trying to make music (joyful speech), such as My Workplace: The Musical, Your Life: The Musical, and now, to help disciple a town, Stuart: The Musical.

ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor: Stuart The Musical


Here's a Brazilian 'Facebook' without swearing, etc., put up by evangelicals.  You can get translations, I think. This page, at least: Por favor faça o login - FaceGlória

Search facegloria if this doesn't work.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'TwentySix Four' Hartman

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