Monday, July 27, 2015

Jude of Building a Civilization of Peace


Jude backward and Kings Forward.
ERH wrote that the past and present do not causethe future, that’s heresy.  The past and the future cause the present. PEACE IS THE EXPLICIT RECONCILIATION OF OPPOSITES.
So, I go through the Jubilee Matrix Bible  forward 1-49, and backward, re-retuned 8-2 from 49 to 2.

This gives a perspective of a book.  What is the Call, the AHA!, the essence, the Spirit, the Imperative, the Gift that we are to use as the first part of a 5-step process, akin to the order of worship and the scientific method, and the new Symphony of History (TSOCHI)?  And how are we going to weave 3 strands in each cord—Maturity, Redemptive History, and the holy war against the devil and his angels (The devil is God’s devil: Luther).
So, 49 x 3 is 147. A BigSix (MADJAN—Moore’s Law that computing costs have been/are cut in half every 18 months since 1890—and that biological information increases 4x as fast now—Abundance (the book)—Decentralization/Centralization—jordans being crossed, multitudes, the greatest number in history, entering Christendom—artificial intelligence—nanotechnology) equals 153, remember the fish?
And this is all in a 5-step process of spreading the benefits of the revolutions of the West (Rosenstock summarized in Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief) to the world, probably through an app for The Symphony (TSOCHI).
These 5: TSOCHI/The Symphony OfComprehensive History Interactive, the analog to the scientific method for the next era, the earth beneath, people made of dirt, thus filling the 3-decker world, is the first.
Second, How To Make Your Communities Better. We are given, we give, thus Pella refuge and Stuart, helping farmers along the Big Mover.
Third, House Of Singing Times (to TCOH/SCOCHI and the garment of the High Priest lying down on his back are inside out to the Tabernacle). AKA COPP, Calendar Of Peace Prejected.  The aforementioned beginning of 153Culture.
Fourth, 153Culture.  Take off from Hall’s map of culture in ‘The Silent Language,’ only it’s 7x7, the Days, the Books, the Beatitudes, Churches in Revelation as ages of forming history, etc.  .
Fifth, omegalphic, Godparents For Eldsters, as the  whole 5 is godparents for society.
But, back to Jude. I’ll look at New Bible commentary and others, and especially Bullinger’s Companion Bible, etc. . I’ll get back to you.

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