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Summary of some of my work so far. Please save? Thanks! Charlie Hartman

Dear Reader:

I’ve tried to put something for the next ‘revolution’ (advolution, herovolution) into each of the five sequential steps of a revolution, according to Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.
These are omegalphic.  That is, the end, Godparents for Eldsters, brings us back to the beginning of the 5, for the 5 are a kind of godparents for the whole society.  The question with the elderly, and with the society, is not what the eldster or society CANNOT do, but what the society or the eldster CAN do.

Imperative, The Symphony:
The great Dartmouth professor, Rosenstock-Huessy, showed us several revolutions of the West, and his pupil, Clint Gardner, summarized them in 5 steps in Chapter 5 of 'Beyond Belief,' saying that what was left was to spread their values world-wide.  I think an app of this The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive would be a way to do that, and I think you can write the app.
To play in the Symphony is simple enough for a 4-year-old, because when we were doing an earlier version, a 4-year-old daughter of out host asked, ‘Daddy, can I play?’  She got up on his lap and did as we were doing, wrote a question for each person to answer next week.
What we do is this:  We are confronted by a universe of questions from the others, to which we must respond, though we will be changed.  Then we initiate a universe, by asking a question of the type called for in Rosenstock’s sequence of Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, and Planetary Service.
We are being trained to be Conductors. We will each write a solo, and the Conductor will write the Symphony which was being composed.
I claim that this Symphony (name from Rosenstock in ‘Fruit of Lips’) is the analog for the Third Millenium of The Earth Beneath, people made of dirt, that the scientific method was for the 2nd, Waters Beneath, and the liturgy of the church for the first, Heavens Above. Newton is Called by the apple falling, as we are to worship. He confesses he’s inadequate, but is assured he can figure something out, Cleansed. He researches what others have written, and does his own thinking and writing, Consecration by Readings and Sermon. His hypothesis is tested into a theory, as in Communion, and it is taken out, as in Commissioned.  Laugh, with joy I hope.

The 12 Days material at the end of part two is worthwhile.

Subjective, PellaSquared/How To Make Your Communities Better
This is for discipling a community.  We go forward (East), inward (North), back (West), and out (South) around a square.  For Pella, we start at attaining refuge, and end at How can we give refuge? For Stuart, we start at being formed as a town to serve farmers along the Big Mover of the time, the railroad, and end at 150 years later, being formed as a community to serve urban farmers along the big mover of out time, the internet.
‘Every town should do this,’ said a wise one with a doctorate in urban evangelism.

Narrative, Calendar Of Peace Prejected/House Of Singing Times (COPP/HOST—compare TSOH and the inside-out nature of the garments of the High Priest (on his back) and the Tabernacle.
This is best seen in both an earlier calendar, and in the Building a Christian Civilization BookBrick by BookBrick. [For both, please copy and paste, for the whole 7x7 grid IS THERE but can only be seen when copying an pasting].

Objective, 153Culture:
I’m devoting most of my attention to this, now. I'm trying to take each AHA!, each Call of the Spirit, Geist, essence of each of the 49 books in JBJ's Jubilee Matrix (my name) Bible, so that one can take that first C, the Call, and run this AHA! through Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy's 5 steps (JBJ, GKN, etc.) and three strands to a cord (Maturity, Holy War, Redemptive History) so as the TwentySixFour (Proverbs--don't use the other guy's presuppositions) a Civilization of Peace, Building A Christian Civilization BookBlock By BookBlock. It ain't easy. Facebook Page
I put this into a 7x7 grid, under the influence of E. T. Hall’s ‘Map of Culture’ in his book, ‘The Silent Language’. I call that the Jubilee (Luke 4) Matrix Bible.
I have a Facebook Page on this and a Google Site, and I continue to work on it.  As of RomansSheba, ThyatiraCoram861, I am only a few weeks in. 

Planetary Service, Godparents For Eldsters. [Note, this is omegalphic—see above, plese?]
As some churches have godparents/sponsors for youngsters, Godparents For Eldsters should help those who become dependent when older, and the families.

There are many other items that complement the above, such as Body Piano Prophetic Theater, etc., and I hope to mutually indwell more transactions on a shorter-term basis (make some present-day money), but I hope to get this material out enough digitally that it won’t be lost, Lord willing.  It’s on a longer wavelength, as ERH would say.
Inspired much by ERH’s Dartmouth lectures, especially Universal History 1954.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie Hartman, chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and on Facebook, Charles Howard Hartman,

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