Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Buildng A Christian Civilization, 2nd Corinthians BookBrick

On Facebook, Vaus Aslan wrote 'political discussions of Americans is like watching them use a plunger upside down on a backed up toilet.'

Proverbs 26:4

Trying to solve some of that with Building A Christian Civilization BookBlock By BookBlock.  This week/sheba is 2 Corinthians, and, oddly, it's BEFOR 1 Corinthians in the retuned order, so it's kind of like a detective who sees the later things, the present situation  and tries to reconstruct the earlier things, the crime. In some way, and in trying to get some action from studiers, some commanding--as with a fellow who claims 'nations' are only genetic, a 'kinist'--I emphasized the imperative, but I was disabused of this (corrected) with the first sentence of Gen. 20, a declarative, and also the great sentence used for the first telegraph message 'What hath God wrought?,' so I have detectived back to original speeching, and I now add whgw (whuh guh) to verbs that indicate that I chosewhgw, to indicate that God had previously donewhgw.  This is similar to an 1864 (eighteen-sixty-four) theological jounal that Google digitized that says that 'selah' in the Psalms in an acronym (as 'whgw' is an acronmy) which means, go back to the beginning and use it as a--refrain.  I now have 10 of 49 of these books, and it is getting more complicated, but it iswhgw 'wowserly' creative,Vaus Aslaun--thanks for your comment.  Charles Howard Hartman

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