Thursday, June 11, 2015

For Site And Kindle

Dear Dan and Kit:

I'd like to get my stuff into a book-like form on a site (Kit) and a Kindle book (Dan) so that in the future people can use it.  I doubt it'll be used much in my lifetime, but I have a digitized by Google article from a journal of 1864 (during the Civil War) that has been helpful, so I'd be more hopeful it I had these in better digital forms.

I'll talk to you about the introduction I'll write, and the order, which should be the two TSOCHI (150+ pages each), then PellaSquared/How To Make Your Communities Better, Calendar of Peace Prejected/House Of Singing Times, 153Culture/'BookBricks', Godparents For Eldsters.

Until I see you.

Love in King Jesus,

PS:  I see I must add PellaSquared.  I will do so. Most of the calendar is in the BookBricks.

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