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Come Along On The Adventure! Bible, Liturgy, Culture

Come Along On The Adventure! Bible, Liturgy, Culture
Bible, Liturgy, Culture—Another Approach:  The Full Count Of The Tribes

3—‘Spoil’ a previous layer of social order, the university by looking at E. T. Hall’s ‘Map of Culture’.  Get there by going here on Amazon, and searching inside the book for ‘map of culture’.
You’ll get to page 187.  What you want is a 10x10 grid on page 191 or thereabouts.  Appendix II. It’s 2 pages.

4—What Hall has done is to make a grid, 10 x 10, and put various parts of culture in the blocks where the respective parts intersect.  The 10s run across the top and down the side.
They are: what he calls Primary Message Systems.  Across the top: Interactional, Organizational., Economic, Social, Territorial, Temporal, Temporal, Instructional, Recreational, Protective, and Exploitational. Down the side he has: Interaction, Association, Subsistence, Bisexuality, Territoriality, Temporality, Learning, Play, Defense, and exploitation. You see that the two lists coincide closely.

5—Now I take a detour, and all will come together at the end.  I will talk about Rosenstock’s Universal History 1954. ERH held that the crisis of our age—the next 1000 years, however long that might be—is to glorify the tribes by keeping the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribes, while getting rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes.
ERH thought that the Church had rid Israel of exclusiveness, thus glorifying her, and that the Nation-State had glorified the Empires by getting rid of slavery. [Greece, after the Resurrection, was never to be a social order, only a companion].

5a—How do we get rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes?  I propose we do so by constructing what I call The Full Count Of The Tribes, within what Jesus Christ announced had been fulfilled in their ears in Luke 4. Thus: Luke 4: 14-21,  From Luke, cross-references take us to Isaiah 61, and then to Leviticus 25, Jubilee. Jubilee, I claim, is a form of peace.

5b—The next move is to connect the Jubilee to the 7x7 grid of 49.

5c—And then I will attempt to fill in for each of the books of the 49 Jubilee, a tribe corresponding.  When all are filled in—and we’ve hardly started, we will have to ‘make’ these tribes, imago Dei speak them, and work them with our ‘hands’—that will be what I call ‘The Full Count Of The Tribes’.

5d—The 7x7 is a matrix, I claim, a Sheldrakean field/crystal.

6—What examples do you have, Charly, some may ask?
6a—We have JBJ’s connecting of Moby Dick to Leviticus.  This establishes that we should look for or make a work of culture for each book, I claim. I see a very weak connection from Moby Dick to institutions such as Greenpeace, or better, what Michael Chrichton called ‘the religion of urban atheists, environmentalism.’  This is a weak reed, more of a Gladwellian ‘Blink’. Environmentalists are a tribe, that seems true.  A bad one.  A good one might be The Cornwall Alliance. We’re hardly started, though.
6b—One other cultural work, connected to a Bible book might be Berman’s ‘Law and Revolution’.
6c—The best I can come up with so far is Philemon. As you see from the grid above, ,Philemon is in the 7th tier, up and down, and in the sixth space left to right.  Thus it could have something to do with Joshua and Conquest. Eric Robinson points to sarcasm as conquering. And there are connections to Adam’s use of language on the 6th day. Thus, I have tentatively named (vocative is half an imperative in Latin) this tribe OUT!FREE! (Oddly Un-Tying, Foolhardy-seeming Response Enacting Escape).  It would have to do with unconventional ways of freeing slaves.  Not just sex slaves or labor slaves or slaves to alcohol or slaves to sin, but all. In fact, the odd way that Paul sets free in Philemon is an example (there must be a word for this type of speaking, that shows what it does as it does it, an ur-acroverbiage?)

7—Your challenge:. (And this in not consciously made in a heptamerous chiasm or parallelism) Fill in the blanks in this grid:.  For each book, find or make a cultural work, and name a bad tribe and a good one.  I pray that when this full-Bible cultural form (and there can be better ones, surely!?) is done, this Full Count Of The Tribes, social organizations will reside in a Jubilee Peace Form, helping each other, rather than fighting to fill up empty space and time.

7b—Remember the unretuned 7x7?  I have a re-retuned 7x7 (based on JBJ’s observation that the universe was retuned from Rev. 5:12 to Rev. 7:12) that has several parallel 7x7s, and a 2x lining out of the Psalms, and holidays that make the 49 fit into the year CelebrationOfResurrectionAnnoMundi (coram, yes), so that this Calendar of Peace can continue to Gladwell ‘prime’ (‘Blink’) us.  Every social order has a calendar—tribes are community celebration, empires work and business schedules, Israel ecclesiastical calendars, and even the companion Greece has educational schedules.  What I’ve done is taken ERH’s dictum that the present is caused by the past and the future, and, instead of waiting for the trauma to cause us to remember, I’ve tried to anticipate what it would be after we obtain peace—the explicit reconciliation of opposites—and made the calendar that brings this about, first. This is last years, last coram’s calendar, but it will give the general idea:

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