Saturday, June 8, 2013

If I were unemployed: Henry Ford, Depression Answer

Go own the street offering to do small jobs FOR FREE of about 1/2 hour. Done? Keep going.  Soon others would hear of you and ask if you would help them for free. You'd have a list.  Soon it would be large, so that you'd have a waiting list, and then some would offer to pay to get to the top of the list, and you would have the seed of a handyman business--and if not, you'd be helping people.  Henry Ford's answer about what he would do if unemployed in the Depression. Could work for businesses too, on a different scale.

If I were unemployed, I'd do something like this. Go down the street asking at houses if there were anything they wanted done, free. Do one thing, go to the next house. Keep going. After a while, people might hear of me and ask if I could help them. I'd have a longer and longer list of chores, and eventually someone would offer to pay me something to get to the top of the list, maybe? Were I good at selling, or helping businesses, etc., I'd do the same for businesses. Moral: Do something, get noticed. There's lots to be done.

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