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49 Tribes--Breakthrough Toward Peace!

49 Tribes—Breakthrough Toward Peace!

I’ve been trying to help midwife ‘A 7th Layer of Social Order.’

How?  By psalmodically responding to ‘everything’.

This is similar to the process Solomon used.  He had to write the whole Torah in his own hand. That ‘primed’ him, in Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ terms. This worked because when he was confronted with his first recorded judgment, the case of the two harlots and one baby, he made the right decision.  Remember, there were no specifics that related to this case in the Torah.  He had to get the gist, the Spirit.  He ‘blinked’. He psalmodically responded.

Now, Jordan’s six are Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan, Church, Christian State, University. The last 3 are parallel to the first three, in a Father, Son, Holy Ghost sequence, I aver.

What’s next?  A hint may be this: JBJ says we are in Jeremiah Time, we are waiting.  And in the Decalogue, the Sabbath word (rest!) comes after the first 3 Words (non-Lutheran, non-Roman Catholic). And Israel went into Exile because She did not give the land rest.  Thus, we are in Rest, we are in the 4th Word.

What will come next?  Well, JBJ says that the 5th and 8th Words relate to Adam’s sin in the Garden. He dishonored the Father (5th Word), by stealing (8th Word) the fruit. 
Thus, something honoring one’s father and mother would fit.  Thus, Godparents for Eldsters. (Click on ‘See More’ for additional information at links)

Now to Rosenstock.  His sequence is Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece then (Greece being a companion, never a social order He Who Reversed The Trend), the Church glorified Israel by getting rid of exclusiveness, and the Nation-State glorified the Empires by getting rid of slavery, and now we are tasked with the 7th Layer Of Social Order, something that will glorify the Tribes by getting rid of perpetual warfare, while keeping the small, enthusiastic groups.

I PROPOSE 49 TRIBES, IN JBJ’S 7X7 49-BOOK ‘JUBILEE’ MATRIX. Here’s JBJ’s original article:

Why 49, why peace, etc.  Well, there’s a connection between Jesus’ words in Luke 4, and the Jubilee. 21 And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. I claim that this refers to Isaiah 61, and back to Leviticus 25, Jubilee.

So we see 49 books, and 49 years before another Jubilee.

A small detour. We’ll connect everything later. Remember that we are trying to put 49 tribes into a Jubilee/Peace framework. Rosenstock: Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites.

We detour through the Warriors of Light process to get to 49 Tribes. Here’s Warriors of Light:

After some connection to medieval cathedrals being used as solar observatories via holes put into the roof, and the marking of where the sun shone on the floor throughout the year, we move to individual in the congregation being formed up as light.

The idea is that each will look at the sermon’s light through the lens of one of these 49 books, write a short commentary, and a book will in that way be written. This is very useful for evangelism, and for one anothering one another in sharing wisdom, as each become more of an expert on his or her book.

[If anyone thinks this is too difficult, I will conduct this battle/symphony for oh so small a fee, and it will have many more benefits, as you may read below.]

One of these benefits is monetization. Generally, we will use the techniques of Switzer and others.  Each participant will receive shares.  We call these 49ths.  Now, we will pay others for doing things in ‘49ths,’ and this would seem to decrease the money/currency coming to the first participants, but NOT IF WHAT THESE OTHERS DO INCREASES THE TOTAL REVENUE MORE. I’d keep control, this will be a ‘new’ form of ‘group-making and –operating’. More in another paper.

Now, the BIG reason for these warriors, each with his/her own lens/book, is to make ‘A Full Count Of The Peace/Jubilee Times’.  Hat tip, E. T. Hall’s ‘Silent Language,’ in which he has a 10x10 chart that describes a society.  Our 7x7 chart will make 49 ‘tribes,’ and put them into one 7x7 field of jubilee/peace.

If the tribes don’t exist yet, we’ll make a full count of them by creating new ones.  We already have the vision of a society based on the Bible, and the Jubilee, toward Peace, but it’s not yet finished.

[This is the type of ‘blinking’ that Solomon did, I pray, and that the art experts in Gladwell’s book ‘Blink’ did, as they were confronted with a statue and asked ‘Is it a fake?’  They had gut reactions, they knew but it was articulated in, for example, a blurting out of ‘I hope you haven’t paid for this yet!,’ or having a glass wall come between the art expert and the statue. I ‘blink’ this 7x7’.]

You ask, do I have an example, a seed, a start?  Yes, two. JBJ has said that Moby Dick is a commentary on Leviticus.  OK, we have an art work.  We don’t have a tribe.  But, though I’m ‘blinking’—articulating without strict deductions—I can hint that Leviticus is parallel to the Third Day (growing plants), and in the dark-empty-formless parallels, to the 6th day.  Great whales were made on the 6th Day, thus Moby Dick, the white whale, and…here we get a couple of tribes, thus: Crichton says that environmentalism is the religion of urban atheists.  Thus, the environmentalism tribe.  This is not good.  We can do better.  Something such as stewardship, and perhaps we can build on the Cornwall Alliance…perhaps not.

Here’s a second.  Numbers.  The forming up into battle.  We should have this as liturgical warfare on the Lord’s Day, but that is missing in our culture, mostly.  What we do have in pro football on Sundays.  And they call themselves warriors.  We need to build up the peace tribe of liturgical warfare.  How?  Perhaps a start is the simultaneity of ‘The Day of 7, yea 8 Names’ and ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ in A. D. 2012.  Here’s what I wrote then, and it has explanatory links:

This will be posted on ‘Build A Peace Tribe’ on the Facebook Page of that name, by Charles Howard Hartman (Facebook). [Godparents for Eldsters has its own facebook page and blog also}

Without the imperative, there is no future.  So, what should you do now?  Start with doing a Warriors of Light program in your church.  I’ll help.  Participation via 49ths will be given.

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