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Counternarrative, re: Super Bowl [and MUCH more]

Counternarrative Holiday re: Super Bowl
Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is.  Show me a society’s calendars, and I’ll tell you who she is.
 After this generation does this, our great-grandchildren, I pray, will take not take it for granted, but by joyous.
Dear Esther: 
I have declared several holidays, for who declares observed holidays rules, for holidays are when the whole people celebrate one thing at the same time together. Public Vindication, The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly, Totus Christus, MaeDay80—Confession and Conference, Godparents For Eldsters [first holiday with dates both in present calendar and HOST—Auagust 26, ThyatiryYMMM!! of First Peter Sheba (Week), etc.
Today –I just realized that I could do this, from HOST, for we are in Eliot/Anselm Time – is the Day of 7, yea 8 Names.  Here’s how it works.  I’m trying to apply glorifyingly, the sign above the Cross, written in 3 languages, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. 
Rosenstock says that these are 3 of the social orders, and they are translated into our language, the fourth, the Tribal. Latin (Empire), Hebrew/Aramaic (Israel/Religion), Greek (now Education). 
I’ve tried to name each day in 4 ways, but it works out that today there are 7, yea, 8, because it is Eliot/Anselm Time (calendar linked below).
The Tribal would be Sunday, in English, or Lord’s Day.  That’s 2.  The Empire or Governing, I take from the day name in House of Singing Times/HOST/Calendar of Peace/Calendar Engendering Peace Tribe/Tactics/C.E.P.T.T. [This is my attempt to use a calendar to shape us for battle in the challenge today, to keep the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribe, but to avoid the perpetual warfare of the tribe.  ERH says that as we reversed from He Who Reversed The Trend, Jesus, the Church is the New Israel without exclusiveness, the nation-state is the new Empire without slavery, and Greece is not a social order, but a companion.
So, we have the governing, which are the last (which are first in this section of HOST) book day names of the 6th, 4th, and 2nd tiaras (groups of 7 which echo the first 7 books, per Jordan), thus: Colossians, Revelation, and Ecclesiastes. Total 5.  Needed Hebrew and Greek.
Hebrew is the continuation by Psalmodic Response of the dynamic of Revelation 5:12 and 7:12, before and after the Ascension is pictured.  It’s K.O.L.YMMM!!.
The Greek is an attempt to incorporate and ‘eat’/tame the social entities of the Axial Age (@ 500 B. C.) as we did for the Greek and Roman gods and planets of Sunday, Monday… . Tamed because by worshiping every 7 days, the Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered the gods of the astrological/astronomical empires by saying by that action that The One True God, Trinity as we know now, made all those things that the empires worship in 6 days, and rested on the 7th.  Thus: This is Already Day.
So we have Lord’s Day, Sunday, Colossians Day, Revelation Day, Ecclesiastes Day (all of EAT—Elion Anselm Time), K.O.L.YMMM!! (K.O.L.BmoY!—Kol (what God did at Sinai, ‘kol’-ed, spoke, Octave (8th Day), Laodicea (7th Church—the 8th was Jerusalem), and Already Day, and The Day With 7, Yea 8, Names would make 8.
Here’s the whole calendar, though I’ve added another layer and the beginnings of others for next year/coram (celebration of resurrection anno mundi).
This is NOT to take the place of other social orders.  Tribal, community calendar, especially of holidays. Empire, work schedules, marketing calendars, Isreal (church calendars, ‘eternal calendar,’ as Rosenstock says, and Greece (educational schedules).
Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is.  Show me a society’s calendars, and I’ll tell you who she is.
What IS unique here is that I started with the idea of putting JBJ’s 49-book Bible (literarily conceived) onto the year, and it just grew, layers of rhyming. "The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759
That is, the uniqueness is that I went into the future so as to have something to travel so that it would produce that future.  We want to go to Chicago on Thursday, we have to leave on Wednesday PM, and be all packed before, so we pack and leave Wednesday and arrive Thursday.  A chiasm, and a herovolution, here: ERH: The past and the future create the present. It is heresy to say that the past and the present create the future.
Don’t worry, this is one of my ‘1000 year’ projects, and part of ‘the most important thing I can do at which I would be most difficult to replace, lifetime’ (North, with my addition of ‘lifetime,’ to distinguish from ‘issachar’ which is what MUST be done NOW).  To wit: Art Form of the Next Era, Calendar of Peace, Names of Days, Greater Things Multi-Generational Big Projects, Godparents for Eldsters (3 ways, Knights Hospitaller, AARP, church-by-church), Build A Peace Tribe –both these latter have Pages on Facebook--, Redeemer Hour, and the total package of what I’ll call the Hartman Revolution (Enjoy Comprehensive Beauty, Pella Square, The Symphony of History—esp. Opus 47 (in development): From Creation Speech Through New Song, Singing, and HOST (above) unto planetary service.  Best understood, this last, from Gardner’s Chapter 5 of ‘Beyond Belief’ and his ‘Complete Cross of Reality’ at the end of the book:
PS: Can something come out of this that ‘cures Alzheimer’s’?
A short note.

In Sacks' 'Musicophila' he tells the story of a fellow who lost his episodic memory (of events), and much of his general/semantic memory (of the past), but kept his procedural memory (music conducting, etc.).

So, there are different types of memory.

[All Sacks' situations deal with physical brain damage]

Second point--Dr. Payton's tape from Pastor Meyers' pre-GA liturgy conference told of the demented person who did not recognize her daughter, but who could respond to the Lutheran liturgy.

Third point: Now, were we able to do history as music (ERH's Symphony of History, etc.) perhaps the whole society would remember in the future.  This assumes the body of society corresponds somehow to the body of the Alzheimered. [Alsa, you can't teach music AFTER the dementia sets in]

This is what I try to do with Opus 47 (years of marriage, not number in total opera).  Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact. Priest, King, Prophet, Man.  From Creation Speech Through New Song, Singing.

Four. I'd better get to work.  The possibility in worth pursuing.

Five: This is not in covenantal order, but in summary, I've identified the body/brain of a man with the body of society, and asked if what works for a man in two instances (Payton and Sacks) would be able to be similarly workable for the society.

Six: As we in the church work on helping/honoring individual men (both sexes) AND the whole society, then, per 'Who Rules the Land?.' we might better inherit the promise(s).

Seven: One of my doctors thought The Symphony would be good to be played on her smart phone.  Lord willing!

Love in King Jesus,

Liturgy, Alzheimer's Cure, Who Rules the Land?
PS: 'Music' in the ur-sense of patterns, so far.

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  1. PS How the church year helped produce this. Two ways: One: I went through the Calendar of Peace, starting earlier in the coram/years—resurrection to resurrection—and came up with ‘Build A Peace Tribe’ and ‘Godparents for Eldsters’. I wrote a chrestomathy, short articles explaining. This was like being primed in ‘Blink’. I hope it works on the new level of this eBooklet too. Two: