Friday, February 15, 2013

Quickening/Celebrating Birthdays--Eldster's Godparents Can Help

Quickening Birthdays (celebrate is related to 'celerity'/quickness)
Another thing a Godparent for Eldster can do.

The Church does great things with ceremonies marking significant (and singnificant (sic) passages in life.

There should be some ceremony for becoming a significantly more duty-bound warrior for Christ, at around puberty.

Baptism is a big transition.

What others might be good to do is the subject of this essay.

I suggest two things:

(1) Every birthday is an echo from the future of one's Heavenly Birthday.  The more, the more mature. [The Pastoral Care Companion of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod says that death fulfills/completes one's baptism, for example.]

(2)  We might look at the Twelve Tones of the Spirit written about by Rosenstock (Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy).  He sees these as being every 7 years, thus, a transition, which should be quickened/enlivened/celebrated, I propose.

Listen, Read, Learn, Play/Incubate, Doubt, Critique/Analyze, Protest/Witness, Win, Rule, Teach, Speak, Bequeath.

I am nearing the end of my Teaching phase.  At 70 one ends Teaching (in general), and enters Speaking--this is true speech, where one's life if put behind one's words: Incarnational.

It would be good to help others during their respective phases.  A birthday quickening should quicken.

How can we help a Teacher, in light (music/tones are waves, so are light)?

Love in King Jesus,

New Charlie

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