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Incorporating/'Eating' Axial Age, As We Did Thor, Etc.

Here's a a beginning of one argument, based on JBJ and ERH.
1--Calendars enshrine truths. (ERH)
2--We're in 4 basic calendars now.  Tribal: community holidays, Empire: business and work schedules, Israel: ecclesiastical, Greece: educational.
3--ERH also says that our challenge in this era is neo-tribalism, to preserve the small enthusiastic groups of the tribe, but to get rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribe, as, he says, the Church glorified Israel by getting rid of exclusionism, and the nation-state glorified the Empires by getting rid of slavery.
4--Jim doesn't chiasm, but parallels, and he has slightly different beginning (before Christ) social orders.
5--But I'm dealing with calendars now.
6--The names of the days of the week, in English, seem to me to reflect a certain time, and a certain 'impulse'/'result,' namely the incorporation/eating of the gods/planets of Greece, Rome, and Northern tribes into the rest of the 7. (Carefully chose, that last phrasing).
7--How so?  Because ERH says that the Israel of Old and the New Israel both conquered empires by 'speech performance' (not his words--the opposite of performance speech). Performance speech is when words are acts, such as 'I do,' 'Your sins are forgiven,' Guilty'. Speech performance is when acts are words.  In this case, that Israels worshiped one in 7 means that they were saying that The One True God (Trinity) made all the gods (days of week) that Empires worshiped, made them in 6 days, and rested on teh 7th, and now we, Israel, do too.  We make that claim.
8--That claim is borne out, for who pays any attention to Thor, or Wotan?
9--I propose to do the same for the gods of the Axial Age.
10--They will be 'eaten' into the 7, incorporated, as were the gods of Greece, Rome, planets.
11--JBJ says that those thought systems that arose when Israel was in Exile are to be conquered in our maturing and maturity.
12--I propose to do it in a similar way, a way we have done before, above.
13—Others will do better.
14—I have two prongs.  This is the first.
15—The first day I call ‘Already Day,’ the last I call ‘Not Yet Day’.
16—In between, we have a (modified) 5 Cs liturgy.  Everything is liturgy/service, everything is covenant sequence. Rhyming them, that’s our task.
(Here ERH)
17—Now, Gardner’s summarization of the revolutions of the West in Chapter 5 of ‘Beyond Belief’ gives flesh to ERH’s Imperative-Subjective-Narrative-Objective out for Planetary Service sequence. Worth reading. Greatly worth it.
18—We have one more thing to add, and that is from Gardner’s ‘Complete Cross of Reality’ chart, also in ‘Beyond Belief’. I add this because I will be rhyming.
19—He says the sequence is also Forward-In-Back-Out.
20—Fortunately, Providentially, ERH in ‘The Christian Future’ identifies Jesus with Forward, Lao-tse with Inward, Abraham with Backward, and Buddha with Outward.
21—We plug them into the 5 days remaining in the week, thus:
Sunday/Lord’s Day was Already Day
Monday is now JesusAllTimes Day
Tuesday is now –I should say also, we’re talking layers here, as in layers of social order—Lao-tse Day.
Wednesday is now Abraham Day
Thursday is now Buddh Day.
Friday is now Greece Day (or Greek Philosophy Day—abstract, the others are at least persons)
Saturday is Not Yet Day.
22—Thus we have ‘eaten these into the 7, as we did with Greek, Roman, Northern Tribes, Planets.
22a—To fit these into the liturgy, we are Called by JesusAllTimes and rendered mute as Lao-tse unless GodTrinity had given us Voice, Abraham in this modified that will be improved attempt is both Consecrate and Commune, and we go out to both Buddha and Greek Philosophy.
Next I’ll do the retuning of the retuning at the Ascension, from JBJ’s Revelation commentary, Rev. 5:12 and 7:12, before and after.  1234567 becomes, essentially, 4152637, the order of the days in our now-standard week, per planets.  I retune that and flip it to 8531642 (a psalmodic response!).  I can flip and retune and add ‘Whole’/’Earth’ in because in 5:12-7:12 are added individualization (Greek ‘ho’ in front), and singing, and the retuning (JBJ says by circle of fifths).
Oh, the names of days are from the churches in Revelation, retuned retuned, adding also B for beginning/house, the first letter of the Bible, and yom backward.  Thus K.O.L.Bmoy! (and imperative—k.o.l. is a tri-lingual acronym) Whole YMMM!!, then SardisBmoy!, PergamosBmoY!, EphesusBmoY! (there’s a Pauline letter to Ephesus, and it’s one of the 7!), PhiladelphiaBmoY! (PhiladelphiaYMMM!!—we eat time, and like it), ThyatiraBmoY!, SmyrnaBmoY!.
This whole is to ‘prime,’ as in the book ‘Blink’. There’s something about #2 here in something like ‘Astrology and the Naming of Days’ on my blog.
Thanks for reading.  It’s Long Wave, Big Culture Winning.
Love in King Jesus,

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