Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm on the hunt! The Full Count Of The Tribes (short)

The Full Count Of The Tribes (from ERH).

I'm on the hunt. This is important! More important than I can know. I 'blink'. Per Universal History 1954, the chalenge of our age/the next age/the neo-tribal age is to keep the small enthusiastic groups of the tribes, but get rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes. How about putting them into the 49-book Bible, (literary conception) of Jordan--Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament. Further, this fits into Jesus' words of initiation and self-identification in Luke 4, that the prophecy (of Jubilee) was fulfilled in their ears, as he read Isaiah 61, based on Leviticus 25. So, the BABTOT, to Build A Peace Tribe Of Tribes, we need a tribe for each book, of the 49--for God wrote books. (Systemic tribes may be a possibility). The hint was also from Jordan, who indicated that Moby Dick, the novel, the art, was based on Leviticus. What other are works are based on one of the 49? That's our first task. Our next is to find OR MAKE a tribe for each book, and the art work, if needed. We must MAKE them, when they don't exist. From the Bible's liturgy, then, we make the culture. Hat tip: E. T. Hall's 'The Silent Language,' which has a 10x10 grid of culture. I propose two more--Berman's 'Law and Revolution' as expressing a gist of Deuteronomy, and Robinson's short, deep commentary on Philemon as a sarcastic (and more) way of getting a slave free in an oppressive society--that would make a good tribe, the 'Oddly Un-Tying [OUT]). The 7x7 grid is a few pages in in this calendar. As we go through this Calendar of Peace yearly (coram-ly) more will come to us, Lord willing. Peace! Charly

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