Thursday, June 21, 2012

Public Vindication HolidayWeek

PREFACE: Please note that this is an attempt to reverse engineer a next layer of social order in history, toward peace.  It does not aim to replace anything.  We have had calendars made that commemorate events, and orders in the past—tribes/community, empires/business, Israel/ecclesiastical, Greece/educational.  Here I’ve taken Luke 4 as important and I’ve ‘jubileed’ a calendar using JBJ’s 49-book Bible, and I am going through it, attempting to rhyme things, so as to come out at the other end with peace: explicitly reconciled opposites (and more).
If science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead, then something such as HOST –House Of (that is, as Daughter of Jerusalem = Daughter Jerusalem) or something like it can be an outflow from the church that is encouraged to reverse engineer (by psalmodic response) what can be done, conjectively (McCloskey) by treating time as a jubilee, and rhyming things within it, so as to attempt to produce New Song, herovolutionally, as a chiastic glorification of Creation Speech/Exnihilation, we being the singing song and the garden gardeners.
BEGIN: Someone has to start it.  We need a celebration of the HISTORICAL EVENT of A. D. 70.
I’ve proposed starting that HolidayWeek called PublicVindication on the 11th Lord’s Day, inclusive, after Pascha/Resurrection/Easter.  This year, using current nomenclature, it’s June 17, A. D. 2012.  The 3 holidayweeks that I have scribed onto this year are a psalmodic response to structures.  In general, the Red Sea, Sinai, and Conquest of the Land are in view, as are Cleansing, Consecration, and Communion.
(We had run some 22s completenesses during the time from Pentecost through this start—Psalm 119, 22 books, 22 letters and meanings thereof, 22 ‘found’ Big Selahs –must be modified now – etc.)
Four big things now happen.  1—We reverse the flow of bookweeks from right to left to left to right. We now look to the East, and write words that way too. 2—The Books O’ Day are not a countdown (49-1, 49-29) but in the ‘flipped retuning in each 7 of 8531642). 3—We move in holidayweek language toward looking for what secret (Amos 3:7) God will reveal to us.  So TBOTMOFA –The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly . Totus Christus later should be a time of examining options. Totus Christus later will be a time of selection. What new body might be toward peace? 4—I’ve named special days for this holiday week, a mountain in time.
I give you three helps in this Language of Symbol, dialect of Calendar.
A:  Jim’s 49, put into a grid of 7 sevens. See Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament.;postID=1023440969207626212  When you do the 4th book in each set of 4, and retune 1234567 into 4152637 (like our days of the week, excepts that we switch 3 and 2) you get the names of the days of Public Vindication HolidayWeek to be Luke, Numbers, Second Peter, Job, Galatians, Exekiel, Second Timothy.  Do these form a covenant sequence?  You see that I am playing/incubating this, similarly to the periodic table and/or E. T. Hall’s 10x10 anthropological grid in ‘The Silent Language’. And also similar to the 7x7x7 energy medicine work we’re working on, using sevens such as the 7 virtues, 7 types f covenants, 7 sacraments, 7 chakras and more as we flow out.
B: The retuned retuning, flipped.  In other words, from 1234567, to 4152637 (close to our days of the week, using the ‘7 planets’, to 8531642 (retuned and flipped, to get us to ‘exodos’ at the end.  Note pleas that the calendar here does not yet include the change in orientation, above.;postID=7145713084360645637
C:  I thought we should have a hymn, so I put some strange rhymes to the tune of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’.  I’ll put some more up later.  The refrain should be this, which is in the comments: ‘Public Vindication! Go! Wrap up the war, Jesus Christ King Conquered, many years before’.
CONCLUSION: Others will do better.  Get rid of (Chuck) Hartman, (as) History Conductor. Train, Orchestra, Electricity.
NEXT: Howl Becomes Music, M’aidezMayDayMaeDay becomes The Pella Square. I claim that TPS is to community discipling what The Romans Road and The Four Spiritual Laws are to individual evangelism.  A wise one said of TPS that every town should do one.

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