Monday, June 18, 2012

Declaring And Glorifying Holidays

Thoughts on Paul as preacher of Greater Exodus, etc.

1--Interesting questions engendered by recent holidays.  Now, we have been told that Christmas is a better holiday than Saturnalia, and was inaugurated as part of a culture war (I paraphrase and sum up not well).  That is, a pagan god's holiday was replaced.  I don't know if this is correct, but let's say it was.

2--Are we trying to do the same with an Erastian/Gnostic holiday, Mother's Day, declared by Woodrow Wilson, and not based on an historical event?

3--If so, what of Father's Day, really pushed by retailers of gift items that might be given to Fathers--a holiday 'declared' by retailers? (Wikipedia).

4--Now, for mothers, we have a perfectly good Lady Day, March 25 (Roman), which date was the beginning of the civil year in England, wikipedia says, until 1752, and is good for personhood, since it is 9 months before Nativity!

5--And for fathers, we have something with Joseph, surely one who has an historical event, Matthew 1;20 and following.

6--Now, on the pro side of this argument would be this, that the Bride is to be the glorifier, and we glorify everything--we can 'eat' anything, it's what comes out of our mouths that counts.

7--And, that being the case, we should look for other holidays.  Earth Day would obviously point to glorifying the whole Garden of Creation. Transhumanist Day would point to our new bodies.  Roe V. Wade announcement has become Sanctity of Life (and someday we'll get to the question: 'Is God destroying the Philistines?' Days related to computer events could be glorified by recounting the history of the computer, and electricity, etc. Hers's my point: What other 'days' should we search out to glorify.

8--What say you? Doug Roorda, Scott Bailey, Brian Nolder

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