Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Need Bible Translated Into 'Text'?

Thanks, John, for your mention of Carr's 'The Shallows" What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brain'.

A little intro to the discussion is this: God Texts the Ten Commandments:

After some discussions with Jeff Harlow about homeless teen texters, I've mentioned, to great laughter--but some joyous response--that an improvement in the translation of some parts of the Bible to textspeak (I'll call it) into a full-fledged Bible translation is a task that might be worth undertaking.

The missionaries to India 'codified' 73 languages, Mangalwadi writes, so that they could translate the Bible.

This translation is important because I've heard now from two very good sources that these teen texters will answer a text, but not other types of communication.

Here's God Texts the Ten Commandments:

My teen granddaughter was hilarious with joy when she overheard us talking of this project.

These teen texters are like unto a tribe. Tribe.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Cyril and Methodius did good work.  Here one can make words that help, whole languages, even, a la Tertullian and 'trinity'--or whatever it was in Latin. One could even help those who come to one's community's yearly celebration, end-of-Malachi-wise.
PPS: But what do I know.  I'm a laggard in this area.

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