Thursday, June 21, 2012

Howl Becomes Music


There are 3 parts. The Howl (short) , The Music (The Pella Square), and What is the most important thing I can do at which I would be most difficult to replace?

1—We came to Pella because we thought that we could get Christian care for Mom—we got the opposite, or, euphemistically, we were mistaken.

When celebrating The Circumcision of Our Lord, A. d. 2005/6, I had the idea of placing events in that ‘care’ along the path of the town square, congruent with the Guilt, Grace, Gratitude (and GoForth!) of the Heidelberg Catechism. Walking that would be the Confession. SW corner (and before, later) : Join Church, July 4 A. D. 2004; South Middle: Nuremburg Oct 18/immediately; SE corner: Some Times We Just Let ‘Em Slip Away, Mar. 3 or 4, A. D. 2005; East Middle: ‘Ethics’ Committee; NE corner: Circumcision Concept; North Middle: Doctor’s Strike; NW Corner: Girardean Funeral; West Middle and Beyond: GoForth!.

The Conference, on July 4, would feature those who might help. (This was almost all done in my head). Girard, Ibsen’s Dr. Stockman from ‘An Enemy of the People,’ Heart of Darkness, and others. This year, Lutherans for Life.  Someday these may be real conferences of some type.

This resulted, in the GoForth! Part, in the making of some institutions that might be helpful to me, and then others: Rescue Team, Cure Team, Godparents For Eldsters… .

This was the Howl.  In the wilderness, I have gone through 8 yohad, Years Of Hell And Death.  I think I can do 9, Lord willing, and get my tuned empathy and saturated intuition tour through House Of Singing Times to produce something of value.

2:  Here’s The Pella Square, the Music. Part of the Music, for I will attempt from week 16 through week 30, this year/coram, The Big Task, Lord willing.

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