Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gospels: Key and Melody--Do We Have Them Wrong?


In 'How God Became King,' Wright writes this: '...In musical terms , we have mistaken key for tune. The key in which the gospels are set is that of incarnational Christology.  But the melody is that of the kingdom and of "Christology in the much stricter sense of "Jesus as Messiah."  Those whose catechism was based on the great creeds would never guess what their canonical scriptures were trying to tell them.In the messianic life and death of Jesus, Israel's God really did become king of the world. ...' 240

Elsewhere he tells of adjusting 4 speakers, each with a particular dimension, and that the speakers must be turned up.

Also, 'Think, for instance of Philippians 2: 6-11 which on this reading (CH: Kingdom and Cross)  functions more or less as a summary of the gospels.' 244


He thinks we have mistaken key for melody!

PS: He also mentions translating HGBK into American.

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