Friday, June 8, 2012

The Most Important Thing I Can Do At Which I Would Be Most Difficult To Replace

. I am helping to organize the better conducting of A next layer of social order in history, toward peace. This takes off from Rosenstock-Huessy's GREAT history course, Universal History 1954 ( He said there had been these social orders: Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece. Then, with the resurrection of He Who Reversed The Trend, we have glorified Israel in the Church, which is Israel (invented the future) without exclusiveness. The nation-state glorified the Empires, without slavery. Our task for the next 1000 years, ERH said, is to retain the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribe, but to rid ourselves of the tribes' perpetual warfare. How am I starting? With the speech-method, best summarized in Gardner's 'Beyond Belief, Chapter 5. Imperative, Subjective (new persons, speech), Narrative (new institutions), objective (to planetary service). But I start backwardsly with a calendar, which should be objective, and last, because it has happened before. Israel of Old and the New Israel both conquered empires by worshiping every 7 days, in effect speech-perfomancing that The One True God made all those planets and stars the empires worshiped. I took an exponentialization of 7, the jubilee of 49 announcedin Luke 4 to start and conflated it with a literalily-made 49 book Bible of 7 severns, and I'm seeking Bloom's (Howard) tuned empathy and saturated intuition from 'The Genius of the Beast' (Bloom is an atheist) to see what emerges. I have a narrative (The Symphony of History--The New Song is a glorification of Creation Speech, and a Subjective of The Pella Square, which I claim is to the Romans Road and Four Spiritual Laws, the Community Discipling. The imperative is Comprehensive Beauty, and I've taken the 7x7 (Myss' work helping where she 'rhymes' chakras and Sacraments) to another 7, getting 343, and as I go farther downstream, this should encompass the whole of history, Lord willing. Thanks for asking!

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