Thursday, October 9, 2014

What's the benefit of playing the body piano?

What’s the benefit of playing the body piano?
It’s prophetic theater.
Stereometric.  Wolff’s ‘Anthropology of the Old Testament’ shows that what we call parallelism is much more powerful than we have thought. (8 and by example throughout)
Then the popular theologian Clancy ‘Debt of Honor’ (541) writes that  ’’…prints, set in pairs and viewed through a stereoscope, … worked better than the human eyes for giving precise three-dimensionality to the photos.
So, body and piano are stereometric…and more, for when we have 3-dimensionality, we have 4, and so forth.  Thus the Cyclans of E. C. Tubb’s Dumarest novels!
Humor is valuable.
What do we get? Prophetic theater through this sorites (Dodgson/Carroll).
We have a piano with 7, yea 8 notes.
We have Myss’ ‘Anatomy of the Spirit,’ which conflates 7 parts of the body with 7 Roman Catholic sacraments (and other stuff too).
We have ‘The Body Has a Mind of Its Own,’ which indicates that the mind is decentralized.
As JBJ has said, consider the body as the soul in material form, and the soul as the body in non-material form.
Then we have JBJ’s comment on Revelation 5:12 and 7:12 that the universe was retuned at the Ascension, using something like the circle of fifths in music.  1234567 becomes 4152637 (2 and 3 switched).  Thus our days of the week in that latter, starting with the former as respective distances from earth.
And a ‘respondeo etsi mutabor’ fellow, and/or one seeing stereometrically, would ask, psalmodically responding though he must be changed, is there another retuning, because after all, there are days after Ascension, namely Pentecost and A. D. 70, and coming at us from the future, The Great Day.
I propose 8531642. Just as there are 4 changes between Revelation 5:12 and 7:12, I flip what would have been 2461357, for that ends up, when retuned, to be back into the 1234567 mode, and Jesus is He Who Reversed The Trend. 8531642, if my retunings are correct, takes 4 times to get back to 1234567.  And including 8 indicates a self-consciousness, for I conflate 8 with earth. It’s early days.  There’s much work to be done.

How do we play this on the body piano?  Well 1 is feet/baptism, 2 is groin area/communion—this is Myss writing—3 is gut/confirmation (borne out in splagchnizomai for both the father of the prodigal son and the good Samaritan), 4 is heart/marriage, 5 is lips/confession, 6 is eyes area/ordination/calling, and 7 is crown/last rites.
After balancing my body in energy flows, the body piano is played, touching the areas in the sequences above.
Alternatively and/or complementarily, wavings can be done above the surface, with fish/loopings/trend reversal.  The 1234567 is a glissando.
What are we amening with this prophetic theater, this chaos theory butterfly, this prayer? We are amening that He Has Reversed The Trend, because, for one example, the third sequence causes from the end, 8, while the first sequence started with 1, the beginning.  Thus we amen ERH’s view that the past and the present do NOT cause the future, but that the present is caused by the future and the past.  And also, , Jesus came in the middle, the fullness of time?
We might put this on YouTube, it’s very short.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: This is an additional report by Days 5 and * for Opus 49 of The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, TSOCHI, The Symphony Of CHI, under construction.

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