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Similarities in 5 Books, Yea 7

5 Books, Yea 7
Bill Clinton, through Robert Cook, recommended to me ‘Abundance,’ and ‘The Social Conquest of Earth’. Those are 2.
What motivated me to write this note is a comment on the blurb on the back of Wilson’s book: ‘…group selection, not kin selection, is the premier driving force…’
This fits in with Rosenstock’s view that we are in a neo-tribal age, and that the avoidance of the perpetual warfare of the tribe is the key, as we keep the small enthusiastic groups.  Of course, ‘Abundance’ speaks of The Rising Billion, the poorest billion being a market to which businesses can profitably provide goods.
3--‘Spengler’/Goldman, in ‘It’s Not the End of the World, It’s Just the End of You’ makes much of facing tribal extinction as a force in conversion to what will remain, Christendom (though Goldman went back to Judaism) both now in the Third World and when the northern tribes of Europe were converted.
ERH (Rosenstock) elsewhere says that new technology (and we’re in it!) destroys old groups. 4--And Jenkins has written about a lost heyday of Christendom in the east.
     What else can we say? 5--Coburn has written that fingerprints formed 5 months before birth, yet can tell much about a person’s life as lived. That would be similar to what ERH calls the ‘imperative stem’ of Latin verbs, all other forms emerging from that—as Wilson says of group selection (what I’ll call self-tribalization, choosing your tribe or other form of social order), and Sheffer said with his Stroke of logical operators, and now Mozeson says in 6--‘The Origin of Speeches’ that proto-Semitic (think Hebrew) radicals (think consonants) are important in naming, that naming is not the arbitrary assignment of sounds.  Consider a Hindu mantra ‘Om,’ or something. And thus we come to Myss’ 7--‘Why People Don’t Heal, and How They Can’.  She ties in basics (stems) of sacraments, chakras, sefirot, etc. and parts of the body, and says that that can help.  Keunning says that the Bible has body theology, in such words as splagchnizomai, for ‘gut,’ where the Prodigal Son’s father felt compassion, and what moved the Good Samaritan. Myss woud say that’s ‘confirmation’  place, and I would say, maturer faith.
What to do?
Work on the problems set before one with these and more tools?
Myss would call this the eighth chakra.
Mozeson: chakra, circle, cycle, same Edenic radicals.

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