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8th Letter, S11

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This is the 8th Letter, S11, to Mike Bull:
Mike:  Let me try to explain it historically, and via JBJ, and with CDATMCG.
Creation:  Jim says we are each part of the tabernacle.  Some of us are toools to clear out the ashes, pieces of bread, etc.
Division—Now, in Exodus, the 7 speeches relate to 7 parts of the Taberncale.
Ascension—But we are speakers.  So we can speak to each other, and not just watch (almond—lampstands).
Testing—How does one relate to the other parts, to the Glory of God.  Can we help each mature?
Mature?—Yes, the Temple comes next, then Ezekiel’s Temple, then the Return, and finally, Jesus is the Holy of Holies Made Flesh.
Conquest—Mentioned at the very end.  I’m not as good as you are with this.
Glorification—As the A. D. 70 Temple was destroyed – maturing takes us through greater glory of temples –we are to become living stones, gold, silver, precious stones, as the Victory/House-Building Pattern happens once more.  God destroys the enemies of His people (Temple, using Romans). With the spoils (Bible, converts, testimony to tell: He said He would, He did—Public Vindication) His people build Him a temple (Disciples, Apostles, Fathers, etc). He moves in (Pentecost and in other ways), lights the fire, and His People administer the Conquest.

Now, historically, the liturgy of worship was oriented toward the Heavens Above, the first 1000 years, establishing The One True God, Trinity. 5 Cs—Called, Cleansed, Consecrated, Communid, Commissioned.
After that was done, and Zeus, etc. did not need to be charmed, science could flourish more, as that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead.  Scientific Method. Thus Newton is called by the apple falling, into a new situation. He doesn’t know why (who previously asked?) but cleanly thinks he can find out. Readings are previous writings.  Sermon is his hypothesis.  Commune is a two-barreled test—in his case experiments.  And then the Theory is taken out, commissioned to do good. Second 1000 years. Waters Under the Earth.
Now we are ready for people, made of dirt, The Earth Beneath.  The 5 are ERH’s, North’, JBJ’s.  Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service. North has THEOS and others.  JBJ, in ‘Crisis, Oppurtunity, and the Christian Future,’ lays out Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: I include a next part, and Opus 49 to date, October 29, USA—date in House Of Singing Times Calendar later.

Page S11

4 Initiates

To Day 8, page S22 How might the shame of being abandoned, and ‘compliance drugging’ harm the elderly?

7, page S21 Would a church Godfathers for Eldsters ministry ‘recruit’ you in?

To Day 6, page S19 Does a pastor, or civil official, witness marriage, or pronounce it? Is it being between two people before God sufficient?

To Day 5, page S17 Could demented/Alzheimered persons, already in nursing homes, etc., be healed, so that they could go home and function well?  How?  Have there been any cases?

To Day 4, page S15 (not this week)

3, page S20 The language of the church repels me—why?

2, page S18 How does ‘occupy until I come’ apply to the church, and others?

1, page S16 So the church did NOT help you in YOHAD?

9, page S23 Comment on ‘Warriors of Light’ and technology.  Link:


Now YOUR Day 4 initiates (Fill in the Blank)

To Day 8, page S22

7, to page S21

To Day 6, page S19

To Day 5, page S17

To Day 4, page S15 (not this week)

3 to page S20

2, page S18

1, page S16 

9, page S23

Alternation.  We did Opus 3 in A. D. 1997.  We recorded it, and there are transcripts.  It was done when I had just begun listening to Rosenstock-Huessy, and when I had finished Dr. Jordan’s audios on Exodus, but had not begun his audios on Revelation.  We had four sessions, corresponding to the first four days of creation.  Our finale was what I called a ‘4x4’—God says, You are, God will, You should.  It was a good time.  We began ‘Purim,’ and we had chocolate chip cookies.  Maybe the way back machine/internet archives could find it.  It’s in my computer, maybe a couple of others. The idea was that each person is like a part of the tabernacle, and that they interact.  Did we have retuning? There were transcripts.

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