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Help with liturgical warfare question

A man asked on a forum about how The Lord’s Service on The Lord’s Day was liturgical warfare.

Two preliminary comments.  1—The following form may help you get from your relative howling in the Wilderness to singing in the choir in Israel.  This ‘from howl to choir’ is based on a comment in a Teaching Company audio, I believe it was about Jazz, that portrayed a vignette of a man traveling by train through the South who saw and heard a cottonpicker howling in the field—the idea was that this howl became music, Jazz (?) over the years.
2—In a Cordwainer Smith story a man wants help for a woman with emotional problems.  He is on the public street, uses a phone.  The public utility (911, Emergency Medical Technicians-like) tells him that he knows the protocol for help, all citizens do. And the protocol from which the following is a part should become such in the future.

In other words, a man has a question that troubles him, a howl.  He’s relatively in the wilderness on it. Anyone should be able to help him cross the Jordan, the judicial boundary of Israel, to get
into the place and time and community that turns that howl into music.

Here’s how he gets across, followed by the start of the music in which he will participate.

Jordan Crossing: Nathan,
You could get a start by purchasing Jim's two lectures from the 1997 Biblical Horizons Conference. James B. Jordan, The Battle of The Mountain of Festival Assembly (2 lectures).
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The Music Starts.

Day 8:  Liturgical Warfare, tell us how the Resurrection is celebrated, how we are quickened by The Resurrection in Lord’s Day Service. Imperatively, what warfare is that?
Day 7:  (The Conductor assigns this howl in the Opus 49, Sing A New Era, to be a protégé/hanger with Tim, who wanted to get deeper into the Bible). Tell us how the Lord’s Service follows the pattern and echoes the great Liturgical Warfare of the book of Revelation.
--Note to readers/players/do-ers, be-ers: All the initiations of the first of 5 weeks are in the form or under the ‘sponsorship’ of Imperative, after Rosenstock’s Imperative-Subjective-Narrative-Objective-Planetary Service sequence of Revolutions of the West, best explained in Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’ Chapter 5. [Also use JBJ’s Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah in ‘Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future,’ and some of North’s Fives, especially THEOS: Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and Sanctions, Succession. Don’t forget the others!—
Day 6—The Church is the Bride of Christ.  Tell us how Lord’s Day worship in The Lord’s Service amens that, and how that is liturgical warfare. Hint:  The clothing of Christ in the beginning is transferred to the Bride in the end—Revelation? Another hint:  How is the Church, the pastors and elders, the Levir, worthy of the products of the land (salary) while preserving the seed for the name of the Brother gone? Applying the wisdom of the whole Bible, is that not liturgical worfare, enacting it, incarnating it in worship?
Day 5, Healing. Well, Dr. Leithart has mentioned (Constantine?) that JBJ has 3 themes.  Holy War against the devil and his angels (CHH: Luther: The devil is God’s devil), maturity, and redemptive history.  Surely a recap of history, which JBJ says is one of the things that happens in Revelation, is an amen of redemptive history, and since churches in the Global South have sick people come to church for healing, and well people do well in witnessing, a type of warfare, wouldn’t our service, known aright, do the same.  We have two forgiveness of sin moments, Cleansing and Communion (my bloodshed for forgiveness of sins).  Which is easier, to say, take up your cot and walk, or your sins are forgiven?
Day 4—Tell us, in worship are we not honoring our fathers and mothers in worship, thus leading to living long and prospering?
Day 3—Somehow, when the horse collar made it 10x as efficient to haul cargo on roads, the church (ERH writes, somewhere in Out of Revolution) turned the thugs around the courts of the Big Men into knights, in this case a king of highway patrol that protected travelers and freight.  They probably followed the form of the liturgy to do this: Called in, Confessed a problem and were Cleansed, were Consecrated by searching and applying the word, sealed the deal in Communion, and articulated the Commissioning of knights, in some way, over the decades… .  Tell us what problems today could we apply this formula too, that the liturgical sequence could help us with. Wouldn’t that be liturgical warfare?
Day 2—Derived from the liturgy, surely, is some form of words that open secular courts. ‘The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is now in session, the Honorable Judge X presiding.  All who have business with this Court draw nigh, and ye shall be heard.’  Thus, Jesus says, ‘All ye who are weary and heavy-laden, come to me…’ Is that not warfare, led by King Jesus himself?
Day 1—Everyone has YOHADs, Years Of Hell And Death.  Yet the stability, the being there, representing the promise of Jesus in Matthew 28, does that not mature one’s reaction in redemptive history of the holy war? It has for Day 1.  Is that not, then, an amen of the rest of Matthew 28, that we should be going, baptizing, teaching.  That we should imperatively disciple?

Now, Day 9 is also an Initiatior in Week One.  We imagine that we are sitting around a table in the form of the furniture of a Tabernacle.(Days 10, 11, 12, as I call them in an attempt at wisdom) are here too, but not yet participating.  We start with The Resurrection, a Negative Entropy Event (yes, that’s a word play, ‘nee’ is ‘born’.)

To make it fit 5 weeks, one of Initiation only, the next 3 or Response/Initiaton, and the last of Response only,  we need Day 9’s Ascension’s Initiation. Thus…

Day 9: Tell us, what does the Ascension of Our Lord have to do with Liturgical Warfare? Day 6’s Initiation will help, but how is He, or Commander-In-Chief, Who has already conquered, leading us in this liturgical warfare?

Day 10, ,Pentecost, is about improving The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, and Day 11 is about mokhar, marketing in a metathesis (see “Origin of Speeches’ (sic).

Day 12, The Great Day/Final Judgment, and Day s 1 and 8 respectively, can Inititate at any time.

Day 12: Tell us, I Initiate Imperatively, Transcendantly, in Law, how liturgical warfare on the Lord’s Day, In His Service, fits into the fact that the present is caused by the past and the future, and thus, on this Week One, we need to remember the 5th of Hartman, namely that of H.E.R.O.volutionPirate of Planetary Service (search Herovolution on chuchhartmanhistoryconductor).  Week Two we’ll be reminded of 153Culture, a Fourth. Week Three is for a Third, HouseOfSingingTimes/CalendarOfPeacePrimingPrejection (HOST compare TSOH for The Symphony Of History and the garments of the High Priest symbols when on back, inside out of the tabernacle!) , and Week Four is for a Second, PellaSquare, or How To MakeYour Communities Better), and Week Five completes the First, The Symphony.  Each will be expected to have a symbolically appropriate number of words for a Solo, which Day 12 will have woven together in a Symphony.

Start by summing up your Responses to these Initiatives as if you had 2 or 3 minutes in turn around the table, which would be @ 300-5000 words, or a page.  You’ll tell 10 Words too, that is who you are, what howl, what Jordan Crossing, what Day.  Then 70, 153, 430 if in Egypt, 480 years words to build the Temple, 490 causing exile, 500 or 700 or 1000 as significant…

Day 1 adds:  List some other instances of your day 7.  Eden is one of course, and the 7 words from the Cross 4000 years later.  Heptamerous chiasms abound.  What’s the 7th Beatitude/Woe? How do these iterations tell us about the Liturgical Warfare on the 7th Day—Satan vs. Adam vs. Woman?

I pray that this is valuable. 
I attach a fill-in-the-blanks version that I hope to make into an app that can be used as indicated in the Smith story.  He did invent psychological warfare, after all.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman, the Naïve.
PS: this so far 288 page Opus 49, Sing A New Era, I’ll send to those who ask me at

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